Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things that Irk Me

Mariama tagged me again via Facebook challenging me to reveal 25 Random things about me.


Thanks to Mariama, I've already posted Ten Things About Me and later Elisabeth challenged me to post another Six Facts.

Most recently I was tagged again and posted yet another Seven Facts about myself.

That's 23--not counting the 50 Things that Make Me Happy.

I think these lists are getting a bit out of hand.

I'm not the only one: Slate is trying to find out who started this crazy meme (Really Slate? There's nothing more pressing to research?) and
even Dan Zak of the Washington Post got caught up in the game.

Since I'm running out of random factoids about moi, I decided to post a list of things that irk me. There is no limit to the things that piss me off! (And no, Random Lists isn't one of them...)

1. hypocrites
2. slamming doors
3. slow people (as in walking, not thinking)
4. people who endanger my physical well-being by not yielding the right-of-way while I'm crossing the street and WAVE at me while doing it
5. SUV drivers who park in compact spaces
6. It's instead of its
7. cheap people
8. child-safety caps
9. dust
10. That irritating bitch who is the voice of the phone trees for Verizon and Blue Cross
11. thoughtless people
12. Meredith Grey
13. Cliques
14. valet parking
15. Sit 'n Sleep commercials
16. not having enough time to read
17. wind
18. selfish people
19. people who honk in traffic jams
20. people who honk instead of getting off their ass and going to the door and knocking
21. people who honk instead of using their cellphone to announce they've arrived
22. leaf blowers
23. car alarms
24. mean people
25. the fact I'm easily irked


  1. About an hour before reading this post, I finished watching an interesting Tim Robbins movie called "Noise" where he starts a personal crusade against car alarms. It isn't a great movie, for sure, but it was very easy to identify with his anger. Those things should be illegal.

  2. Not mention the fact that they're useless. When was the last time one went off and somebody thought, "Oh no, someone's car is being stolen. I'd better call the police," instead of "@#$%ing trigger-happy car alarm!!!"

  3. Hypocrisy is right up there for me, too, along with not having enough time to read. I would be okay with cliques except that I'm never invited to be a part of one!

  4. Esther,

    I mourn the loss of my reading time as well! Sigh...