Monday, October 20, 2008

Seven Facts

I've been tagged by Esther to come up with seven factoids about myself. I've been tagged before and I've already revealed a total of 16 random facts about myself.

Not counting the 50 Things that Make me Happy.

Seven, huh? Here it goes:

1. I have an unreasonable phobia of spiders. I can't even bear to look up words beginning with "tar" in the dictionary because for some sadistic reason all dictionaries seem to include an illustration of a "tarantula." Big, furry spiders that can do a vertical leap? For creating them, I think God is one sick bastard...

2. I was once pulled over by a cop while walking down a sidewalk. It happened in the Georgetown section of D.C. I thought maybe I wasn't dressed properly for walking in the high-class, high rent neighborhood. The female D.C. cop asked for my driver's license (Since when do you need a license for WALKING?!!! Fortunately, I had it with me.) She looked it over and handed it back to me explaining that I fit the description of a missing person.

If I were missing, wouldn't I know it?

3. I consider just about anything under 5 miles "walking distance" and walk almost everywhere. My new job is only about a mile away so right now I'm only driving my car once a week when I go grocery shopping. Take that global warming!

4. Speaking of driving, I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21. My sister, who is two years younger than I am, ended up teaching me how to drive after an accident I had when I was 17 when I was first learning made me skittish about being behind the wheel.

5. Speaking of my new job, it's the first full-time 40/hr per week gig in over eight years.

Sigh. I miss the freedom of part-time, although not the financial instability...

6. I don't drink coffee, beer or milk.

7. I'm a pantheist. I live by the credo I once saw on a bumper sticker, "My God is too big for one religion."

If you want to play along, post 7 facts about yourself in the comments--or a link to your post on your blog.


  1. before posting 7 facts about me, I'll make a couple of comments about your facts.

    Comment #1 - I love the story of you receiving a dictionary for Christmas and torturing yourself by looking up tarantula. When you got there, you let out a small, terrified yelp and slammed the dictionary shut. I think you may have even thrown it off of your lap. I have told this story dozens of times.

    Comment #2 - Was the accident you are referring to the story of the time you drove off the road while trying to change the radio station? I've heard that one a lot from Mom. To quote a very recent email from our sister, that is another example of Mom taking "perverse delight in our failures".

  2. 7 FACTS

    1. I just moved in with my new girlfriend after only 7 weeks of dating (I'm gonna keep my place for a couple of months, just in case)

    2. I am unusually skilled at falling down and not injuring myself. I spent a lot of time practicing this as a small child by riding my bike straight into curbs and flying over the handle bars or just running across the front lawn and jumping into a barrel roll.

    3. I consider underachieving and procrastination to be an art form.

    4. I'm also creeped out by spiders (probably learned behavior from you) and I'm also terrified of heights. Still, I am able to kill spiders and I've been skydiving.

    5. Among my various home towns, I can count five baseball teams that, at one point or another, would be considered my "home" team. All five of them finished the season with losing records this year.

    6. I don't walk much but I ride my bicycle everywhere. My radius extends well beyond 5 miles as a result but my longest daily commute was only 10 miles.

    7. I am entered into seven separate fantasy football leagues this season.

  3. I never drove off the road while changing the radio station.

    My first accident when first learning to drive occurred due to a confusion between a stop sign and stoplight. And the fact I had a driving instructor whose main method of teaching consisted of shrieking during real and imaginary dangers.

    How could a novice be expected to tell the difference?

    I can't believe the same guy who was cringing in fear riding the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel has been SKYDIVING.

    You are weird. I say that with much affection.