Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes - Eris Quod Sum

Veronica Mars fans can rejoice as it was the return of Kristin Bell on Heroes last night. Seems electric Elle is short-circuiting and so she shows up on Claire's doorstep for help. She's got a hell of a way of asking for assistance, however, and it takes a bucket of water poured over her by Claire's brother Lyle to get her under control.

Nice move, Lyle!

Claire and Elle decide the only way to take control of their morphing powers is to go to Pinehearst--proving the "dumb blonde" stereotype--and during the plane trip, they bond in a most unusual way. As Elle's electrical short-circuits threaten to crash the plane, Claire holds her hand and become a sort of lightning rod for Elle's overflow.

Just like I predicted, Sylar was dispatched by Mommie Dearest to rescue Peter. "Show them why you're my favorite. Make Mommy proud!" the comatose Angela tells Gabriel telepathically. At Pinehearst, Peter is being a typically rebellious child--refusing to help Daddy with his evil plan to rule the world. Arthur grounds Peter until he decides to behave.

The elder Petrelli also recruits Mohinder to help perfect the formula that will create abilities in the general population. Petrelli relieves Maya of her plague ability and she exits the show.

For good I hope!

Mohinder wants Arthur to relieve him of his new-found abilities. Well, actually he wants Arthur to relieve him of the side effects and leave his abilities intact. Mohinder wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

He's so annoying.

When Daphne shows up at Pinehearst sans Matt Parkman, Arthur orders her to go back and kill him. Matt's father Maury protests and Arthur kills him instantly. Nothing like a little motivation to get the employees in line. Daphne returns to Parkman's apartment--gun in hand. Matt tells her to shoot him if it means saving her life, but she can't go through with it. Knox shows up to finish them both off and leaves thinking he succeeded. But he's mistaken. "I got inside his head with my brain mojo thingy," Matt explains to Daphne.

That's the scientific term for it--"Brain Mojo Thingy."

Back at Pinehearst, Peter becomes Mohinder's first test subject. But Sylar shows up to save the day. Does anyone else remember when Sylar was the BAD guy? Damn, those writers are good! Peter escapes, but Mohinder's super powers kick in and he uses them to beat the $@#% out of Sylar. He is stopped by Arthur who tells him that Sylar is his son.

Father and son reunion, part two. Arthur puts Sylar into suspension and as he floats helplessly in the air, tells him that Angela was so freaked out by the future she saw for him that she tried to drown him in the bathtub when he was a baby.

Poor Sylar--no wonder he has issues!

But then Peter comes backs--this time to save Sylar ('cuz that's what brothers do--doncha know?) but Sylar refuses to leave with him. Now officially a "Daddy's Boy," Sylar catapults Peter out of a window where he lands at the feet of the incoming Claire and Elle. Claire decides that her half-brother being stripped of his powers and falling out the top of a tall building is a sign that she should not proceed with the Pinehearst plan, but Elle is only too happy at the prospect of having her powers stripped from her.

I guess we know which blonde is dumber now, don't we?

Back at Mohinder's lair, Tracy and Nathan wait for help to arrive. Tracy is worried about the coccoons on the wall. One grabs her, but Noah Bennet shows up with Meredith and his stun gun just in time. Nathan receives a call from Claire who has gotten Peter to safety.

Peter is convinced that Sylar actually saved his life because there is no way he should have survived that fall. Arthur is suspicious about that outcome as well. Looks like Sylar's got something up his sleeve. Hopefully he'll be able to thwart Arthur before Nathan shows up. Flying Man tells Tracy, "I don't need doors open. I plan on kickin' 'em down."

Okay, out of the brothers Petrelli, we all know the only BADASS is Sylar. He's the only one equipped to take on Arthur. Or maybe they'll all join forces like the Three Musketeers to take Daddy down and live happily ever after with their Oedipal complexes.

But I digress...

Finally the episode ends with Hiro and Ando and the tribal guy who feeds them the disgusting hallucinogenic mixture made from hyena dung. Hiro says, "Spirit walks sounds much safer than time travel," but I bet he has second thoughts after hearing what he has to eat to get to that state.