Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crunching Through the Keywords

Given the dearth of time available to me these days, I thought I'd just roll through some of the random searches that end up on my blog. It's the part that Elisabeth likes best anyway...

Prurient Fantasies

In addition to the ubiquitous "Tom Bergeron shirtless" (waving back at Elisabeth!), we've got "nude dudes cleaning" (sounds like a great idea and name for a business...), "Donnie Wahlberg naked" (and you thought it was Marky Mark that got all the love!) and probably even more ludicrous than "Mark Cuban shirtless" is "Eddie Steeples (aka Darnell "Crabman" Turner) shirtless."

Tattoo Trends

Sexy tramp tats
Perseverance tattoo (Does a Capricorn glyph count?)
Prison tattoos meaning done time stars
Filipino tattoos, filipina actress tattoos, filipina sun tattoos
Tattoos from Indiana
Sea turtle tattoos
Scooby Doo tattoos (Other than the assonance, I can't imagine this being cool...)
Thyroid cancer survivor tattoos
Disapline [sic] tattoo, praying hands tattoos and Jesus loves me and my tattoos

Research Questions

The Tudors why are they so well known?

Ever heard of King Henry the VIII? The six wives of King Henry the VIII? His progeny Queen Elizabeth I?

Very famous members of the House of Tudor...

At what age does the average Panamanian girl marry?

If you Google "average marriage age panama," this site comes up as the second result. And the answer is 21.9 years.

What is wrong with me insatiable hunger, light-headed, fuzzy thinking?

I hope you're seeing a doctor and not trusting Google for your diagnosis. Could be hypoglycemia, diabetes, hyperthyroid to name a few.

Blouse worn by Teri Hatcher on first episode of Desperate Housewives with letters on it she is in a scene with Jackson the painter.

Hmm...Could you be more specific?

Really Random

Burning Barbie's hair
catch your eye eye opener widget consumer crux
carole raphaelle shrimp on the barbie striping
submarine poughkeepsie
voice operated typewriter
details of Tony Maroni's pizza Chapter 11
weight of average cell phone, above average words, average poems, name for an above average person

Well, I don't know about a name for an above average person, but Stella works if you're WELL above average!


  1. Eddie Steeples is cute. I'm totally googling the shirtless photos.

  2. Eddie Steeples IS a cutie. But he's such a scrawny little thing! Hot shirtless? Not so much...

    I'm still waiting for Mark Cuban to follow up and provide me with some pics to post for you. ;)