Sunday, October 12, 2008

Question for Sarah Palin: WWJD?

I just stumbled onto Bob Lefsetz's Blog courtesy of Seth Godin who quotes a portion of his blog entry titled Jesus was a Democrat.

Damn straight!

I always found it ironic that the party touting "family values" and spouting so-called Christian morality is the most un-Christian like when it comes to the basica idea of WWJD?

The Republican Party has long been every man for himself--none of this "love thy neighbor" crap for them.

Judgemental? Check.

Compassionate? Are you kidding?!!!

Jesus was about helping the poor, the sick, the children. Loving one's neighbor. Judging not lest ye be judged. He was anti-greed. Anti-war. Anti-materialism. Anti-capitalism.

He preached faith, not cynicism. Love, not moral superiority. And hope, not fear.

Lefestz took the title for his post from a new Everclear song:

Art Alexakis for President!

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