Monday, October 20, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Back in Business

Last night's episode was more of the same on Desperate Housewives although the Bree/Orson storyline moved a bit and we found out who Dave Williams' target is.

Mike Delfino.

Okay, it's possible that Susan Mayer is the REAL target and Dave is using Mike to get to her--but given Mike's shady past and all the effort Dave has put in to getting close to him, it's the more likely possibility.

First, Dave brushes off the Hendrix wannabe accountant guitarist, then he purposely takes a bat to a pipe in order to hire Mike's plumbing services. When Mike turns down his offer to join the garage band, Dave suggests he move closer to cut the commute. Mike can't afford rents in Wisteria Lane, so Dave buys a house and offers cheap rent to Mike--without Mike realizing that Dave is the landlord. Mike was all too happy to move back to Wisteria Lane since his distance from M.J. had him playing second fiddle to Jackson in his son's life.

Whatever the grudge is that Dave holds against Mike, it seems like it's a doozy since even the mention of plumbing set Dave's hands to shaking and caused him to pop some pills to control his anger.

Bree's book launch gets underway and she is awarded Business Woman of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. This makes Lynette jealous and she reacts by trying to redo Bree's marketing campaign. Lynette's not the only one feeling slighted by Bree's success--Orson is pouting as well. It doesn't help that he's unemployed. His last employer found out that he was a convicted felon and lied about the fact on his application and fired him.

Now, if I remember correctly, Orson was a dentist. Does one lose their license to practice dentistry after serving time for a felony? And what exactly is a dentist qualified to do in the business world?

Poor Orson. He suggests a partnership with Bree--much to Katherine's chagrin--but is even rejected by his own wife. Bree relents and offers an olive branch in the form of a chef's hat. I doubt Katherine will be thrilled about that.

As for Gabby, she's trying to set up playdates for Juanita so that she and Carlos can have some alone time for sex. Juanita catches the two in the act and worries that Carlos was hurting Gabby with their "wrestling." Gabby assures her otherwise saying, "Sometimes I fake it when I wrestle with Daddy." Carlos and Gabby decide that the only way to deal with the situation is to tell Juanita the facts of life. Which backfires when Juanita repeats what she's learned to all her little friends.

A four and a half year old being told about sex complete with clinical terminology? Right. Juanita is muy annoying. And we're supposed to believe that she's four and a half? No way.

I've been wondered what had happened in the five years between the end of last season and the beginning of this season. Looks like we're going to find out next week! Not so coincidentally, the five year recap is episode five of season five.

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