Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Dim Sum, Lose Some

I now have a new favorite phrase compliments of last night's episode of Pushing Daisies: piss jitters. This was the term coined by Chuck (going under the alias of "Kitty Pimms" these days...) in response to Ned's query, "Do you ever shiver when you pee?"

Seems Ned got a case of the piss jitters due to the appearance of a mysterious stranger (Stephen Root) who seemed to know an awful lot about his past.

The stranger, Dwight Dixon, came to see Ned in order to track down Ned's Dad. This leads to Olive and Chuck obtaining Ned's estranged father's last-known address (from Ned's "clue pad") and deciding to check it out. What they find is that Ned has two twin half brothers (which, according to Chuck, is equal to one whole brother...) and that his father has also abandoned them--disappearing once again.

The Dim Sum storyline was clever enough. It was nice to see Mae Hi, who played Lai Di. I knew Mae from when we were both members of CineWomen--how cool is that?

I loved how they played poker using food. The only issue I had was the scene where the restaurant manager pushed the waitress to bring menus to the table that wasn't in her section. In my experience of going for Dim Sum, there were never any menus. I went with a Chinese friend and there were always about a dozen women pushing carts around. They'd stop and she'd converse with them in Chinese. They'd open up the pots and she'd review the contents and shake her head yes or no.

No menus. Not in a real Dim Sum restaurant.

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