Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Circus, Circus

The production design team was working overtime for this episode of Pushing Daisies. Not that every single episode isn't a spectacle of color and kitsch, but the circus setting of last night's mystery definitely was one for the books.

Best moment: the police pulling dead clown after dead clown out of the submerged clown car.

"There are two things clowns make around here: balloon animals and enemies."

Sick, twisted and very funny.

The human cannonball used as a murder weapon took a close second.

(Not to mention the dead mime. There was a brief period of time where mimes where in vogue in America. Shields and Yarnell anyone? Now they're just a punchline. Which is as it should be...)

As far as ongoing story lines go: Olive is still in the nunnery trying to keep Chuck's secret from Lily and Lily's secret from Chuck, Emerson has a long-lost daughter out there somewhere, we're still waiting on Ned's father and son reunion and Ned and Chuck finally find a way to embrace change while still not touching each other.

As Emerson Cod said, "You can't just have half a revolution."

(I'm beginning to agree with my friend Dave: The two of them are often way too close for comfort when an accidental brushing against the other could cause Chuck to be dead again permanently...)

Aunt Lily and Vivian's new found peripateticism is sure to cause all sort of obstacles for the future and Diana Scarwid's guest starring role as Mother Superior ends after next week's episode which mean Olive Snook will be back at the Pie-Hole soon.

It's about time. I miss (in the words of Emerson Cod) the Employee of the Mouth!

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