Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heroes - Angels and Monsters

At one point in last night's episode of Heroes, Sylar tells Noah Bennet, "Rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight. I am trying."

I beg to differ. I believe Sylar's rehab from vicious villain to warm and fuzzy good guy is nearly complete. He saved Angela from Peter (the shot of him getting his neck snapped and popping it back into place was sooo grotesque!) and Claire from Vortex Man. Next week, he'll rescue a kitten from a tree and help old ladies across the street and we'll forget all about his former penchant for eating brains.

Oh right--he never did that. That's gross.

On the other side of the country, formerly warm and fuzzy Mohinder is metamorphosing into The Fly--complete with victims cocooned in molting pupas on his laboratory walls. I was hoping M&M (that's Mohinder and Maya) would off themselves in a lovers suicide pact, but I guess having Maya glued to the wall with Mohinder's other victims will have to suffice for now.

Unknowingly headed into Mohinder's web are Nathan and Tracy who have just found out they are both victims of The Company's experimentation. Their powers are synthetic. "Who else did you use as your own personal guinea pigs?" Nathan asks Angela angrily. (Who indeed? Any guesses as to who possesses genetic powers and whose are synthetic?)

Nathan decides the best thing to do is consult with Suresh. Tracy wants to know if he's OK. "He's harmless," Nathan tells her.

Hmm--I guess they're in for a surprise next week...

Nathan's not the only one who can see Linderman. Turns out Daphne the Speedster can interact with him as well. Linderman hires her to recruit others: Knox, Hiro, Adam Monroe and last but not least, Matt Parkman. Because Linderman isn't really Linderman, but Matt's Daddy Maury who is acting under the orders of Peter and Nathan's Daddy, Mr. Petrelli.

The recruitment of Hiro involves testing him by telling him he must kill Ando. Which he does. No doubt Hiro will bend time next week to revive his friend--but who would blame Ando for carrying a grudge leading to the murder of Hiro that Hiro foresaw earlier. I hope Ando's demise is short-lived. Although the Hiro/Ando Laurel and Hardy show is somewhat tiresome this season, they had a really great exchange with Ando bemoaning, "We are the worst heroes ever." Hiro tells him, "The world is depending on us!" Ando counters, "The world is screwed."

Claire tries to play superhero by attempting to capture Stephen Canfield aka Vortex Man, but ends up sympathizing with the misunderstood villain. Can being best buds with Sylar be far behind? When Noah offers to let Canfield go if he makes Sylar disappear, Canfield decides to commit suicide by getting swallowed up in his own vortex instead.

While Claire is out tracking down Vortex Man, her mom is trying to track her down. Unfortunately she ends up in the hands of the Puppet Master--otherwise known as Eric Doyle. Peter is in a medically induced coma and Angela is having visions of her not-so-dead husband killing Tracy, Nathan and even Peter.

There are some who have given up on the show this season, but I think it's a definite improvement over the erratic storylines of last season.

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