Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Frescort

If you were wondering where Monica from Heroes ended up, the answer is working as a perky frescort (friend+escort=friend for hire) at My Best Friend, Inc. Yup, that was Dana Davis as Barb who met an unusual end being hugged to death on last night's episode of Pushing Daisies. Dana wasn't the only Heroes connection on the show last night: Hayes MacArthur who played the psychopathic Buddy is engaged to Ali Larter in real life.

David Arquette also made a guest appearance as a twisted, socially inept taxidermist. His character of Randy Mann had more than a little bit in common with the Piemaker as someone who reanimates the dead. Turns out his character also had something in common with Buddy, who kept the mummified remains of a former high school classmate in his office.

Pigby and Digby got along like two peas in a pod, and at first Chuck and Olive seemed to be getting along swimmingly as roommates as well--but when push came to shove (as in shoved in a locker together), things got "too close for comfort" truthful. Another relationship reassessment between Emerson Cod (Emmy?) and his chain-smoking, tough talking mom Calista also occurred in last night's episode.

It looked like Chuck was set to move back in with Ned, her king-sized duvet of goose-down goodness (Is that the most excellent and most accurate description of Lee Pace or what?), but Ned convinced her to make amends with Olive because she wasn't the only one who needed to experience life on her own.

My favorite scenes in the show were the machine-gun interrogation of potential suspect by the Cod mother/son duo, Randy Mann's taxidermy circus and Olive and Chuck's training classes for their cover as future frescorts. Mixed CDs anyone?

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