Monday, October 13, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Domestic Bliss

I guess one complaint about DH could be that it's not really an accuracy of suburban life. Last night's episode, however, was as mundane and domestic as it gets.

And kind of boring.

Like I really need to watch a show about mortgage payments, crappy cars and midlife crises.

The episode featured the return of baby Benjamin along with mom Danielle and lawyer husband Leo. Baby Benjamin is now six but, like all the other "kids" on the show, looks much older. Gabby has her "four and a half year-old" making waffles by herself for dinner? In what universe?

(Actually the actor who plays M.J. is only six years old, while M.J. is supposed to be five. Huh. Go figure...The other interesting thing is that the "M" in M.J. stands for "Maynard" and the little guy who plays him is named "Mason." A name only slightly less likely to get you beat up on the playground than "Maynard"...)

So back to Benjamin--visiting for the first time after three years of coaxing. Bree can't help her control freakishness and puts another dent in her relationship with Danielle when she feeds her grandson, who's being raised vegetarian, a hotdog.

M.J.'s being bullied. Mike offers to teach him how to defend himself. Jackson suggests capoeira, a form of martial arts that incorporates dance. Mike responds with the best line of the evening, "Cuz there's nothing scarier than a guy coming at you with jazz hands!"

I laughed out loud at that. Unfortunately it was the best moment of the show. The only great moment in the show...

Gabby is still stressing about losing her upper class lifestyle. She has to sell her sports car and buys a clunker from Andrew to replace it. She ends up in catfight with Susan because it turns out that it's Juanita Solis who has been bullying M.J. But the scuffle helps her get back in touch with her fighting spirit.

Maybe she'll stop wearing those ugly sweats now...

Tom is going through a mid-life crisis and starts a garage band with Dave. Lynette sabotages his bass guitar and sets young daughter up to take the fall for it. I'm really not liking Lynette this season. She deserves the bad hair. Dave comes to the rescue with a brand new bass guitar and a deftly worded warning to Lynette about the consequences of a midlife crisis--a garage band being the lesser of all evils.

Speaking of evil, that Dave is something, isn't he? He is good. Evil, but good.

McCluskey and Katherine's efforts to dig up the dirt on Dave hits a dead end since "Dave Williams" isn't that unique a name. They pump Edie for info, but come up empty. McCluskey manages to put a bug in Edie's ear and she presses Dave to reveal where he went to college at Bree's fancy dinner party. When a disconcerted Dave explains he never attended college--a fact that deeply embarrasses him--Edie is chastened. She tells him that it was McCluskey's fault and our evil villain wastes no time putting a bug in Edie's ear to the possibility that crusty McCluskey might be losing her marbles.

Wonder if we'll see everybody's favorite busybody being carted off to a nursing home or asylum...

Hopefully not. Right now McCluskey is the least boring character on the show. A worthy adversary for the evil Dave. I hope!

Ramp it up, writers! I spent my weekend cleaning out my closet. I don't need to spend my Sunday night watching Tom Scavo clean out his garage...


  1. I dunno, I liked the episode. Lynette is just more and more off the wall - last week with the Internet chat and this week with the guitar. Everything turns out so horribly wrong and hilarious. And Dave is so deliciously creepy. And I love watching Gabby stress about losing her upper-class lifestyle. The jazz hands line was pretty funny, too.

  2. For me overall the episode was kinda "meh." I do think the creepy Dave storyline is a good one. I wonder who it is he wants revenge on.

    And the jazz hands line made me guffaw.

    I know what the show needs--more Bob and Lee!

    Also, they're not doing much with Dana Delaney this season...