Saturday, October 25, 2008

Masks You Can Wear All Year Round

It's Halloween in less than a week and that means tricks, treats, candy, costumes and masks. If your skin has been looking a little iffy, then you might be wishing it was Halloween all year long. But there are some masks you can wear to improve your skin--rather than hide it.

Zia Natural Skincare makes a bunch of different masks featuring yummy natural ingredients such as pumpkin, apple and papaya. I had a chance to check out three of their almost edible concoctions and I'm happy to report I won't be needing to hide behind a mask this Halloween--at least longer than the twenty minutes or so it takes Zia's masks to do their job!

The Apple Refining Mask contains organic apple juice, plantain and firming pectin to clarify sun-damaged, lined or clogged skin. It helps eliminate toxins and impurities while minimizing the appearance of pores. The fruit acids, borage and green tea improve skin texture, lines and discoloration while triggering new cell production.

This is a very gentle way to exfoliate skin and make it look brighter and more even-toned. I love the smell--it makes me think of apples and cider and fall foliage. Aaahhh!

The Fresh Papaya Enzyme Mask contains nutrient-rich certified organic Papaya to gently remove excess dead surface cells, eliminate dry, flaky spots and pore blockage. This enzyme-based mask is even gentler than acid-based exfoliants. Antioxidants and hydrating certified organic honey, help nourish and repair for the softest, silkiest skin possible while vitamins C & E aid skin repair and minimize surface damage.

Although this comes out of the tube a greenish color, it disappears into your skin when you apply it. So you can answer the door while you're wearing it without scaring off trick-or-treaters!

If you need more intensive treatment, the Citrus Night Time Reversal provides overnight repair for dry or aging skin. Four different acids from red wine (tartaric), buttermilk (lactic), sugar cane (glycolic), whole citrus (citric) work to clear pores and signs of aging by promoting new cell production while helping minimize lines, sun spots and enlarged pores.

This is a great way to wake up with refreshed skin as well as a refreshed body!

The Zia Natural Skincare line has six other great masks, including the seasonally appropriate Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask, and you will never find harsh chemicals, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances in their products.

No scary ingredients, no scary skin! Zia's masks make your skin look so good that you won't need to hide it behind a Halloween mask.

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