Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heroes - I Am Become Death

Well, this episode was as coherent as its title. "I Am Become Death"? What the @#$% is THAT supposed to mean? It's not even proper English...

So the episode starts out with a molting Mohinder. As it careens back and forth from present to four years in the future, we get a lot of information. Unfortunately, Mohinder manages to survive his persistent skin rash--although the cloaked figure Peter encounters appears to be a leprous hermit, with very poor hygiene and a really dusty apartment.

In the future, Nathan marries Tracy--their love affair beginning after he rescues her from committing suicide by jumping off a building when she is distraught over her icing ability. Turns out Tracy was one of identical triplets--the other two were the now deceased Niki and the yet to be seen future incarnation of Niki/Jessica/Tracy, Barbara. (Okay people--basic biological laws say that identical comes in TWOs...and what about Jessica? Were she and Niki twins or just sisters?). Looks like Ali Larter's got a long term contract with this show.

Was anyone else completely unsurprised by Nathan swooping in to save the day when Tracy jumps off the ledge? Snore.

Daphne, aka the speedster, is married to Matt Parkman--and the member of an elite team whose mission is to hunt down and kill Peter Petrelli. Future Claire, a badass with black hair, heads up the team which also features former escaped villain Knox. Future Claire manages to kill future Peter, but present Peter escapes and heads to Costa Verde--where a newly domesticated Sylar lives with his son, Noah and a dog that looks suspiciously like Mr. Muggles.

Hmm...does this mean Sylar and Bennet become BFFs? There must be some reason that Sylar names his son after him. Peter's shocked to see the waffle making killer, who insists on being called "Gabriel"--and even more freaked out to find out they are brothers.

Peter manages to convince Sylar to give him his power--which involves watch repair. Don't ask--I have no idea. But with that power, comes what Sylar terms "the hunger. "You have it now. I'm so sorry." Sylar tells Peter. Right after that, the hit squad shows up to kill present Peter. In the scuffle, Knox kills Sylar's son and Sylar, in his grief, goes radioactive killing 200,000 people.

One of those is Daphne--who manages to speed back home just to die in Matt's arms, leaving him with their daughter Daniella and Molly. Matt--who has experienced this as a trance-like vision--wakes to find himself still in the desert with the tribal painter guy. Apparently, Matt needs to follow his totem in order to find his way. The totem turns out to be a turtle, so Matt's not going to be getting anywhere soon. (How ironic that his totem animal is a turtle and he ends up marrying a speedster!)

Hiro and Ando continue to bicker as they are locked up on Level Two. They make up long enough for Hiro to almost escape via the air vent (I guess Tim Kring and company hasn't read John August's treatise Air vents are for air), only to be thwarted by the appearance of the Haitian.

Brought before Angela, Hiro is told, "You have the key to unlocking the entire mystery." Apparently that key is the very pissed off and buried alive Adam Monroe.

In the future, abilities are elective--like breast implants or rhinoplasty. There are flying people everywhere. So in addition to the battle between heroes and villains (and the problems in distinguishing which is which), you've got people who are born with abilities vs. people whose abilities are created. The missing formula causes the general populace to become part of the latter in the future--but it seems like there are those in the present who fit that description:

Niki, Tracy and the yet to be seen Barbara
Molting Mohinder
and perhaps Nathan and even Claire?

Is that why Sylar said Claire was different from the rest?

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