Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heroes - Dying of the Light

Does customs allow you to import turtles from Africa? I don't think so--even if they are your totem animal. Of course Parkman could have performed his mind control techniques to get the customs agent to let him pass through. And who was there waiting for him but the very person he was seeking--future wife Daphne, the speedster.

Parkman takes this as a sign not realizing that Daphne's only intent is to recruit him for the PineHurst operation. The logo on the business card is the same symbol we saw last season. Looks kinda like DNA, huh? Considering they're in the business of creating abilities--like in Nathan and Tracy--it's probable that's what the symbol represents.

Speaking of Nathan and Tracy, they show up at Suresh's for help not realizing that he's not operating under an altruistic agenda. Nice move by Tracy getting Mohinder to drop his defenses long enough to freeze him a bit. Using the same frostbite technique she breaks free of her restraints and helps release Nathan. But Mohinder has gone Incredible Hulk on the pair--and we know what happens when he gets very angry...

Not surprisingly we find out that Hiro did NOT kill Ando. He used his teleportation ability to go back to the past to warn Ando to play dead when he faked stabbing him. Hiro is sent on a mission to fetch the precog painter. Daphne warns him, "It's not easy catching a precog...they see you coming."

That turns out to be the case as Hiro finds the camp of the "Mr. African Isaac" and views a painting showing him being hit over the head with a shovel and ends up being hit over the head with a shovel by the precog painter. He goes back in time to before he was hit in the head and gets hit in the head again. Finally he eschews his powers for just sneaking up on the tribal guy who for some inexplicable reason is wearing a Universal Studios t-shirt. (Not so inexplicable actually, since NBC/Universal is the home of Heroes...)

Meanwhile, Claire, her bio Mom and her adoptive Mom have been captured by Puppet Master Eric Doyle who engages them in a twisted game of Spin the Pistol Russian Roulette. Claire's adoptive Mom ends up shooting Claire (no biggie since Claire can't die) and this allows Claire to catch the Puppet Master off guard and take him down.

Peter and Sylar engage in a bit of sibling rivalry. After Sylar releases Peter so that they can save "their" mom Angela, Peter kicks the $@#% out of him and goes off to find out what PineHurst is all about. Before he arrives, Adam Monroe is brought to the bedside of Arthur Petrelli. Apparently Daddy Petrelli has the same ability as sons Peter and Sylar: the ability to absorb the powers of others. But Sylar is more of a chip off the old block than Peter because Arthur's absorption abilities leave his victims without their powers at best--or in the case of Adam Monroe--dead.

So when Peter arrives for the unplanned family reunion and Daddy Dearest asks for a hug, the paternal embrace leaves Peter powerless--and Arthur the beneficiary of all of Peter's abilities.

Who wants to bet that it's Sylar that ends up rescuing his brother?

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