Monday, April 21, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Blindness vs. Things Coming to Light

Various reports have Nicollette Sheridan leaving Wisteria Lane sometime in the near future. Edie wasn't much in evidence in last night's episode, but then again neither was Teri Hatcher's Susan. Other than eating and shrieking, the writers haven't been giving Susan Mayer Delfino much in the way of a storyline on Desperate Housewives lately. Wonder what's up with that...

Gabby is still dealing with Carlos' blindness--and not very well. Although she finds a way to take lemons and make lemonade. "You're exploiting my blindness so you can score better parking?" says Carlos when he realizes that Gabby is dragging him along on her shopping expeditions so that she has a valid excuse for using the handicapped placard she obtained. This leads to a tense argument over the state of their life and relationship now with Carlos later apologizing, "I'm sorry for putting you through this," to which Gabby replies, "If it were anyone but you it wouldn't be worth it." Gabby is selfish and shallow, but that was a sweet tender moment as she helped Carlos put on his cufflinks. Apparently Carlos gets a seeing eye dog in next week's episode. I'm still betting the blindness gets resolved and his sight returns before the end of the season.

Gabby and Carlos weren't the only characters at odds--Bree and Katherine faced their share of tense moments as they collaborated on planning the Founder's Day Ball, to the surprise and horror of the others. "I faced cancer and a tornado, but I'm running from this," says Lynette. The others predict that one of the women will end up killing the other--and it certainly appeared like Bree was ready to wring the patronizing and condescending Katherine's neck. But it wasn't until Bree found out that Katherine had wrested the honor of presenting the Founder's Day award from her that she really lost it. When Katherine insists on taste-testing some dip that Bree knows has gone bad, Bree offers it up without warning her and Katherine suffers a severe case of food poisoning. Bree hopes that Katherine's being "indisposed" will allow her to regain the presentation duties, but Katherine soldiers on.

As it turns out, the reason Katherine was given the task over Bree is that Bree was the recipient of the award this year. As Katherine hands the award to Bree she whispers, "I know you tried to poison me." After the ceremony, Katherine and Bree have it out. Bree explains that before Katherine arrived, each of the women--Gabby, Susan, Lynette and Bree--had a niche. And that Katherine is competition for her domestic goddess status within the group. Katherine tells her that, while their similarity could cause rivalry it can also be the basis of friendship. "I understand you better than the others do...We're the same, Bree." Again, another very touching moment.

Then we have Lynette and Tom arguing over the reappearance of hottie Jason Gedrick as Rick. Turns out Rick, who Tom saw as a threat to his marriage, is opening a restaurant right down the street from Scavos. So, now he will also be competition for Tom's business. Tom's jealousy over the past situation leads him to throw a brick through Rick's window. But is he also the one responsible for setting the fire that burned down the entire building?

The show began with what seemed like would be a confrontation--Orson meeting with Mike at the rehab center. Orson fears that Mike has remembered who it was who ran him down at the end of season two. Turns out Mike just wanted to apologize as part of his twelve step program. (I thought Mike had already remembered that. Wasn't that what the brawl on the hospital roof was about in the middle of season three? Or Mike's veiled threat to Orson when he forced him to write a prescription for painkillers? Actually, the rooftop brawl was about Mike finding out that he wasn't responsible for the death of Monique and Orson knew all along and the "veiled threat" was actually just Orson's guilty conscience in action.)

Orson's guilt came to a head in last night's episode, leading the usually proper Orson to sleepwalk naked--much to Susan's chagrin. The second time she discovers him, she slaps him awake. (You're not supposed to do that to sleepwalkers, are you? I thought you were supposed to gently lead them back to bed...) The third time it happens, Orson is at least wearing pajamas because it is Julie who stumbles upon him. And this time the reason for his uneasy night walks surfaces as Julie hears him say, "I'm sorry I ran you over, Mike..."

The show ended with an unseen person opening the Fairview morning paper and coming across the pictures from the Founder's Ball--one of which was of Dylan Mayfair. He (it looked like the hand of a man) circles Dylan's face with a red marker. Who is targeting Dylan? Could it be her father isn't dead after all?

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