Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DWTS - Heartbreak Hotel

Well, she may have wanted to tell the voters to "Love Me Tender" and "Don't Be Cruel" but the audience response was: "Return to Sender." Poor Priscilla Presley--as I predicted (Me=4, DWTS=2), she was indeed this week's casualty on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunate news for cougars everywhere, but we still have Marlee Matlin who definitely falls in the MILF category. Note to the moron who google searched on "Which star fell on Dancing with the Stars?": The promo for the results show with Tom Bergeron intoning "Tonight a star will fall!" didn't mean one of the competitors actually FELL (although it has been known to happen...), it was a METAPHOR for one of the contestants being booted off the show!

Although I predicted Priscilla, I was a bit surprised to see Cristian and Cheryl in the bottom two last night. Last week proved that having a former winner for a professional partner (Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough: R.I.P.) isn't insurance, but Cristian was improving and seemed to be gaining a fanbase. I would have predicted he'd last longer than Marlee or Marissa, but perhaps his position is more precarious than I thought. It still amazes me how they manage to drag this out for an entire hour (I was out at a screening and still got home in plenty of time to see Priscilla get pink slipped!), but at least we got to watch two more adorable kid couples last night. Kudos to the DWTS producers for giving us real entertainment rather than the recycled fluff they usually do...

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