Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DWTS - Marlee Moseys On

Well, I was right about it being Marlee Matlin's last hurrah on the Dancing with the Stars results show last night. But I missed the mark by predicting Shannon Elizabeth would join her in the bottom two (For those keeping score, it's me = 5, DWTS = 3). I have to say, although I was initially rooting for Ms. Elizabeth to continue on, I was really put off by her hissy fit hysterics in the post-performance confessional. She was crying over a 24--the very same score that put Marissa Winokur over the moon with happiness over the previous week.

Not much of a poker face going there, Ms. Celebrity Poker Player. Sheesh. What histrionics! I bet had the viewing audience witnessed that BEFORE voting, it would have been a very different results show. The producers, for some odd reason, chose to let Shannon off the hook early in the show. Bad move. I bet letting her sit and stew as long as possible would have created a totally YouTube worthy meltdown. Surprisingly, not only did Shannon make it to the next round, but Cristian de la Whatever escaped being in the bottom two this week as well. It was Mario, who had the second highest score Monday night, who joined Marlee in the red glare of shame.

Two more junior dances showed off their impressive moves last night. One nearly tripped up getting her foot caught in her skirt but managed to disentangle herself and continue on without missing a beat. Tom Bergeron took note of this and made a remark about how the teenager could teach some of their dancers a thing or two--which seemed to be a shot at Ms. Elizabeth's meltdown. The less said about "singer" Ashlee Simpson's performance, the better.

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