Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Republic of Tea Be Well Red Teas

You're probably familiar with the benefits a nice steaming cup of herbal tea can bring--the calming effects of chamomile, soothing a upset stomach with a dose of peppermint. The Republic of Tea Be Well Red Teas take the concept of a calming, soothing cup of tea one step further--by infusing their delicious red teas with specifically concocted herbal blends. Starting with organic South African Rooibos--a naturally caffeine-free, anti-allergenic herb with anti-oxidant properties--The Republic of Tea adds the highest quality wellness herbs in addition to yummy essences of fruits and spices to help treat a variety of ailments.

Originally, the line featured nine different teas which aided digestion, helped clear skin, detoxified, promoted weight loss or gave a boost of energy with herbs such as ginseng and ginger, passionflower and peppermint. The Republic of Tea has recently added eight new Be Well Red Teas to their line of herbal infused Rooibos wellness teas. I got to try three of them: get smart, get happy and get relaxed.

get smart Herb Tea for memory and focus combines the flavors of citrus (orange peel, rosehips and hibiscus) with tart cranberries and adds:

Rosemary - the ancient herb for memory
Gingko - shown to increase circulation
Eleuthero Root - Russian tonic herb for increasing endurance and enhancing performance
Gotu Kola - Ayurvedic herbs combined to improved memory

get happy Herb Tea for lifting your spirit features the flavors of lemon (bright lemon myrtle) and natural peach with:

Lemon balm - traditionally used to stabilize mood swings and increase memory
St. John's Wort - Shown in numerous studies to alleviate mild to moderate depression
Rhodiola root extract - Also shown to alleviate depression as well as increase energy, endurance and resistance to stress.

And finally, my favorite: get relaxed Herb Tea for relieving stress--it's better than meditating! This tea infuses roses petals and lavender that makes it smell as good as it tastes. So you get a bit of aromatherapy with every sip! And then if that's not enough to calm and soothe your spirits, they add:

Passionflower herb - Anti-anxiety and sedative properties
Eleuthero root - Increases body's resistance to stress
Kava root - Promotes gentle relaxation

Ah! There's nothing better than a nice cup of hot tea. Leave it to The Republic of Tea to build a better mousetrap, as it were, and improve on that cup of chamomile. Other new Be Well Red Teas include:

get maternal - a great tonic for pregnant or nursing women
get wellness - to boost immunity
get heart - for cardio health
get growing - promotes healthy hair, bones and nails
get passionate - improves the libido

For more information of the entire line of Be Well Red Teas--or any of The Republic of Teas premium brews--check out their website at www.republicoftea.com.

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