Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DWTS - A Low Scoring Night

The judges were stingy last night. The highest score, a 27, went to Kristi Yamaguchi (of course!) for her Tango. Looks like a woman has a clear shot to win the Mirrorball Trophy for the first time since Season One! Her closest competitors, Jason Taylor and Mario, did not fare so well last night. Mario's Tango got him a scolding from the judges and earned only a 21. Truthfully, he didn't look as smooth on the dance floor as he usually does, but man does he ever SELL it! Jason's Jive looked smooth to me--albeit a little lacking in energy--but I think he is just awesome. The judges like him too--but last night, not so much. He only scored a 23.

Priscilla Presley got the second highest score, a 26, for her Tango. She's a competent dancer, but I think the judges are giving her a bit of leeway for being in her 60s. They've stopped coddling Marlee Matlin, though. The perky deaf cutie only scored a 21 for her Jive. As far as Jives go, Cristian's high energy performance was the best of the evening in my opinion. The judges agreed, giving him a 25. And for Tangos, believe it or not (I actually DON'T believe it!), I liked Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough's performance. Carrie Ann called him "sexy"--I think that's pushing it. But he did look a lot more at ease on the dance floor and that translated to a score of 21--and possibly another week to dance...

Steve Guttenberg also got high praise and higher marks from the judges for his Tango calling it his best dance so far. I don't think it's his best dance--the naturally charming and exuberant Mr. Guttenberg seemed awkward at looking fierce. But he earned a 21 and will also probably hang in there for another week.

Compared to Cristian, Shannon Elizabeth's Jive was positively sluggish--although you have to give the girl props for kicking it off with a cartwheel in HIGH HEELS! She earned a 24. The lowest score of the night went to Marissa Winokur. She thought the high energy Jive would be HER dance--given her bubbly personality I would have agreed. But her performance, while cute, seemed a bit restrained and "safe." Len agreed with me saying it looked "careful." She only got a 19 and will probably be the next dancer to leave the show tonight.

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