Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DWTS - Times Two

Dancing with the Stars featured both a Ballroom AND a Latin dance from each couple, continued bickering between judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli (Len to Bruno: "I think your hot air is responsible for global warming!"), injuries and a shift in the top spot from consistent leader Kristi Yamaguchi to hottie Jason Taylor. The other thing that was consistent in last night's show was the most horrible music selections EVER. Almost completely undanceable. Yikes!

Jason started out with the Quickstep. It's amazing how someone so big is so incredibly light on his feet. Carrie Ann gave it a triple "fantastic" and he scored an almost perfect 29--which was the highest score of the night. His Paso Doble, done to the NFL Monday Night Football theme (Seriously? Who can dance to that?) was suitably dramatic, but he and Edyta did the unforgivable--a lift! Still, he managed to score a 26 giving him a total of 55 and putting him in first place for the night.

Kristi's Waltz laid her low this week. I don't know what the judges didn't like about it--it was light and pretty with lots of spins. She only scored a 26--which is the lowest score she's ever gotten. She came back like gangbusters with a clean and crisp Cha-cha. Len groused about the modern choreography, but Bruno and Carrie Ann loved it enough to give her 10s. She scored a 28 (thanks to crankypants Len) for a total of 54 for both dances.

The surprise of the night was Marissa Winokur who came on strong with a classic, classy Tango that earned her a 27. She joked that she was getting confused learning two dances and that it might turn out a "Rumbango." Her Rumba was more sweet and soft than sensual and sexy and most of the hip action came from partner Tony. She scored a 25 on that for a total of 52 points.

Mario's Foxtrot was smooth--but the choreography didn't really match the music. He earned a 24 from the judges. He rocked the house, however, with his sharp and slick Mambo. Even Len loved it and he scored a 27 for a total of 51 for both dances putting him in fourth place.

Tied for fourth with Mario was Shannon Elizabeth who started the evening with an apology for her whining the week before. The judges loved her Tango, but I thought it looked more like pain than passion. She earned a 27 for that, but when she came back to shake her booty for the Mambo, the judges called her gawky and gangly and awarded her only 24 points. Amazingly she seemed happy with that although the exact same score and comments last week produced a major hissy fit.

In last place was Cristian and Cheryl who started out with a Waltz that looked smooth and effortless--but probably because there wasn't much effort. It was too much Cheryl and not enough Cristian. They earned a 25 for their efforts hoping to catch up with the Latin round. Alas it was not to be as during the Samba, Cristian got a horrendous cramp in his arm. Although the judges said they would score the portion of the dance prior to the injury, they gave him a measly 21 points giving him a total of 46.

Here's where the sympathy vote kicks in--Cristian has definitely raised his Q scores with his stint on DWTS and although I doubt he'll win it or even make it to the finals, I think the viewers won't let him go yet. I'm hoping Ms. Elizabeth's histrionics will have her leaving the dance floor this week. I think she'll be joined in the bottom two by Mario who's had a taste of the red glare last week.

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