Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DWTS - Close to Perfection

Last night's Dancing with the Stars saw two near perfect scores as the contestants performed either the Viennese Waltz or the Paso Doble. Kristi Yamaguchi was awarded the first 29 of the evening. Her Paso looked really sharp, although the cool techno music took the edge off it for me. Jason Taylor was awarded the other 29 for his elegant Waltz. Edyta must be beside herself with joy given the fact that it looks like she could actually make the finals this year while her previous partners have all left the dance floor about this time in the competition.

At the bottom of the scoreboard, Adam Carolla whose Paso looked good--until he got off the unicycle, and Priscilla Presley whose Waltz was a bit slumpy. Carrie Ann told Priscilla that she loved how her facial expression belied any problems she was experiencing on the dance floor. Um, Carrie Ann? It's called BOTOX. And it's more of a problem than the dancing...The bottom two is back tonight and my guess is that Adam and Priscilla will be in it.

I'm still betting on Kristi, Jason and Mario--who performed a smokin' Paso Doble that earned him a 24 last night--will make the finals this season. But you can't count out Cristian Whatshisname who scored a 26 with a Paso full of attitude and style. Or Shannon Elizabeth who had the second highest score last night with a 28 for her very lovely Waltz. Due to Derek's neck injury, Shannon had to practice her Waltz with Jonathan. This may not bode well. Jonathan was originally the professional partner of Monica Seles--the first celeb woman to leave the show. The prior week, he stepped in for wife Anna (what's going on with neck injuries this season, eh?) to help Steve Guttenberg practice his Tango. Steve left the show last week. Could the Jonathan curse continue? I hope not.

Right in the middle of the pack--Marlee Matlin, who looked like she was struggling with her balance on the Waltz, but brought Carrie Ann to tears and Marissa Winokur, who stepped up her game (or more accurately pro partner Tony stepped up the choreography...) with a very precise Paso. Marissa's problem is the opposite of Jason Taylor: her short limbs don't allow her that beautiful extension and grace. She sort of looks like a Munchkin when she dances.

We'll see who hits the road tonight. (Please God, let it be ADAM!)

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