Monday, April 14, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Keeping the Faith

The faith of DH fans was rewarded last night with its return to the Sunday night schedule. In last night's episode, we learned Katherine Mayfair's dirty little secret: she killed her ex-husband and Dylan's father. Or did she? The scenes of her hitting him over the head, the secret burial plot marked with a cross and Aunt Lily's note the Dylan retrieved from the fire saying that her father was murdered would seem to indicate this, but there's probably more to the story.

For one, Katherine's ex was abusive. And right before the moment when she struck him with a candlestick (conveniently witnessed by Susan's cousin, a sixteen year-old Timmy), wasn't he shouting something like, "I'm her father!" Was it a custody battle gone bad? Why has Dylan repressed memories? And what did Aunt Lily have to do with it? Dylan tries to seek out the truth from Adam, who alerts Katherine. He wants to tell Dylan the truth, she's afraid of the consequences. So Adam reluctantly tells her, "I will provide you with one last alibi" and when Dylan begs him for answers, he tells her that her mother didn't kill her father and she loves her more than she knows.

As for the now grown-up Timmy (hottie Chris Carmack), turns out Susan's little cousin lost his virginity to Katherine some years ago. While Susan was all stressed (and when isn't Susan all stressed?) that he was after the barely legal Dylan, it turned out to be Katherine that he was enjoying an afternoon romp with. "I'll be at the mall. Buying sheets," Susan announces after catching the pair in flagrante delicto. (Was anyone surprised at that little twist? I saw it coming a mile away...) One of the funnier moments in the show: while visiting Mike in rehab, Susan starts a list of chores that will keep him busy when he returns home prompting Mike to announce, "You're making me want to use, Susan...This junkie thing is awesome!" Okay, maybe not so cool to make light of such a serious issue--but it was a funny line!

For Gabby, it was all about getting back together with Carlos--not realizing that his sight loss is permanent. She goes to Church to get the priest to marry them. He, of course, is shocked since Victor died in the tornado only two weeks earlier. But the ever ingenious Gabby tells him, "In the eyes of the Church Carlos and I were never divorced so technically the affair was with Victor." He promises to remarry her and Carlos if she promises it's for life this time. Gabby promises, but assures him she'll change religions if she doesn't. She shows up at the hospital with the priest to surprise Carlos. Carlos tries to tell her that he may not get his sight back, and when Gabby gasps in horror, he amends that to "for another three months. Four, tops." But Edie knows the truth and wastes no time gloating about it to the newly re-hitched Gabby, which leads to a scene where Gabby torments the blind Carlos with a painful obstacle course culminating in her pelting him with fruit. But when Carlos confesses that he didn't tell her for fear of losing her, she tells him that she loves him--for better or worse. Personally, I would lay odd that the blindness is miraculously cured by the end of this season...

But the most touching storyline was Lynette's "divine inspiration"--her search for meaning after the trying events of the last couple of months. She asks Bree, who has the strongest faith of all her friends, if she can tag along with her and Orson to church. Bree is only too happy to oblige. Lynette goes running back to get the rest of the Scavo crew, turning back to ask Bree, "By the way, what am I now?" "Presbyterian!" is Bree's enthusiastic response--but Bree's enthusiasm turns to horror when Lynnette raises her hand in church to ask the minister questions about his sermon. Later, Bree tells Lynette, "The church isn't a place for questions, it's a place for answers!" Fearing that her being awarded the chair of the Ladies Auxiliary might be jeopardize by Lynette's actions, she encourages Lynnette to sample other churches--like a buffet.

The following Sunday, Bree's minister asks her where the "delightful" Lynette is, because he believes that church is not a place for answers, it's a place for questions. Bree races over to the Catholic church where the Scavos are attending mass to retrieve Lynnette and her shot at the Ladies Auxiliary chair. Lynette is resists saying, "I just put ten bucks in the collection plate and I want to get my money's worth!" When Lynette explains that she was trying to find a way to make some sense of all the things that had happened to her, Bree realizes that it was far more important than the Ladies Auxiliary. Later she apologizes to Lynette and tells her, "I want you to have faith in me and our friendship." A very sensitive storyline, handled really nicely in my opinion.

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