Monday, April 28, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Playing with Fire

The Gabby/Carlos blindness storyline officially went to the dogs last night. Specifically, a seeing eye dog named Roxie who is very protective of her new master--and not so hot on Gabby. The bickering between the Solis' over money is a continuing issue with Carlos telling Gabby she should cut out her $300 hair appointments and Gabby retorting, "You're the one that married me for my looks!" "Well I'm blind now so as long as you use deodorant, I'm good," Carlos counters. The squabbling over the new addition to the household escalates to the point of Gabby returning Roxie to the trainer--but Roxie, like Lassie, comes back home. A "snap out of it" pep talk from Edie brings Gabby back to reality and all is well again in the Solis household.

Things are not so hunky-dory with the Scavos as Lynette suspects Tom burned down Rick's restaurant. Rick, finding a matchbook from Tom's restaurant at the scene of the crime, has the same suspicion and when he shows up to confront Tom, they come to blows. (Seriously, who would be stupid enough to commit arson and leave incriminating evidence at the scene?) When Tom ends up at the police station, Lynette corroborates his alibi, only to learn that while she doesn't believe Tom is innocent, Tom doesn't believe she is either. He still thinks she slept with Rick. The truth comes out with the Scavo twins admit to setting the fire because they overheard Tom and Lynette arguing about Rick and his restaurant.

The truth also came out in regards to Orson when Julie tells Mike what Orson said while sleepwalking. Mike confronts him and asks him point-blank if he was the one who ran him over. Orson admits running him down to protect his mother (she killed Monique while Mike was there on a plumbing job...) and Mike decides to forgive him. Susan, on an emotional rollercoaster due to pregnancy hormones (Oh, who are we kidding here? When is Susan NOT on an emotional rollercoaster?) storms over to the Hodge's house and lashes out at Orson. Bree is horrified to find out what her husband did and while Susan eventually decides to follow Mike's example and forgive Orson, Bree cannot.

The biggest revelation is the fact that Wayne Davis, Katherine's ex and Dylan's Dad is NOT dead. He is actually a creepy cop who manages to ingratiate his way back in his daughter's life while simultaneously manipulating her into deceiving her mother. What is his agenda? He admits to abusing Katherine but claims Katherine gave as good as she got. And if he's not dead, who's in the grave marked with a cross that Katherine visited last episode?

According to the promos, next week's episode features Edie taking Orson in after Bree kicks him to the curb. Interesting. Edie has already tried to get her hooks in Susan's ex, Carl, as well as Mike Delfino, and when that didn't work out she went gunning for Carlos after he and Gabby were divorced. Now Orson. Seems Edie has a taste for sloppy seconds.


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