Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DWTS Results - We want Winners, not Whiners!

As I predicted, Shannon Elizabeth's mea culpa for last week's hysterics wasn't enough for the voters. I was also right about Cristian getting enough sympathy votes to continue--despite suffering a ruptured tendon (ouch!) that requires surgery. He's delaying surgery to continue the show--but I'm predicting it won't be long of a delay. The audience sympathy vote works once--after that you're on your own. Hey, it's harsh in the dance world!

Speaking of harshness, the glare off Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice's glitter was a bit much--although the DanceCenter segment was humorous as usual. And how much do I love Def Leppard? I have to say, Dancing with the Stars and Def Leppard aren't two things you'd usually hear in the same sentence, but their performance--complete with cheese-tastic pyrotechnics--was the second best thing about the show (the first being Shannon's elimination!). I was pretty stoked that the director chose to focus attention on shots of the smoke billows, guitar, drummer and the rest of the band rather than the tedious professional dancers during Pour Some Sugar on Me.

I was wrong about Mario joining Shannon in the bottom two (For those keeping score, Me = 7, DWTS = 4). This week it was the winsome Marissa Winokur that felt the sting of the red light. This season's fanbase is the most fickle EVER. Next week's elimination show is also the celebration of 100 episodes (I have only watched about HALF of them...) and will feature the judges Top Ten dances and performances by Mario Lopez and Apolo Ono.

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