Friday, April 18, 2008

My Name is Earl and The Office - Potheads and Parking Spaces

Earl may still be in a coma, but the comedy came back to life last night on My Name is Earl. Thank you, Jesus! Or more appropriately, thank you Zack Friedman who was credited with writing the episode which recaptured the sweet goofiness that is the heart and best part of the show.

Randy and Joy continue to try to cross things off Earl's list in an attempt to revive him. When they show up at the elder Hickey's household to rectify Earl ruining his parents vacation, it turns out Mom and Dad weren't even aware that their eldest son was in a coma! When asked how it happened, Randy explained that Earl was hit by a car after storming out of his intervention--but not an intervention for drugs or drinking, but because he turned "bad" after getting out of prison. "Earl was in prison?" cries Mrs. Hickey. Turns out Earl's parents are a little out of touch--even with Randy's weekly visits.

At the hospital when they realize that Earl's care is being managed by Randy, Mrs. Hickey insists on speaking with the doctor--and I'm thinking, "YES!!!" The return of the hysterical Indian doctor! But alas, it was not to be this episode. But it was still a great show with Earl inadvertently ruining his parents getaway to American Samoa when a dufflebag full of pot ends up in the bed of his El Camino. Earl's Dad destroys the pot, but the drug delivery boy shows up demanding it back. So Earl and Randy and Mr. Hickey have to score some weed to replace it.

Meanwhile, Joy taunts the drug delivery boy for being the "Floor Finger Sucker" she knew in grade school. He lashes back saying he wasn't the only one whose nickname ended in "sucker" to which Joy retorts that at least HER nickname made her MORE popular.

The search for replacement marijuana leads the trio to Darnell who, after sniffing Mr. Hickey's Hawaiian shirt, tells them that they need "Mendocino Greeno" and puts them in touch with a dealer who is currently living in the same hotel room that Earl and Randy will later occupy while doing the karma list. The dealer, interrupted in the midst of shaving a kangaroo, has the pot and says of their selection, "It goes great with marshmallows and those little crackers shaped like fishes." But when he insists that Mr. Hickey sample the product by taking a bong hit, Earl's Dad reaches his limit. He smashes the surfer thug holding the gun to his head with the bong and grabs the weapon. Pointing it at the dealer, he goes into Dirty Harry mode and tells the dealer, "Here's your two thousand dollars. I'd like my dufflebag of dope."

Mr. Hickey tells comatose Earl that the experience changed him--made him feel like a hero. And, as he crosses the item off Earl's list, he tells him, "I never gave up on you, Son and I never will." *Sniffle*. This is the Earl that I love...

The Office continues to tickle my funnybone. Last night's episode featured a parking shortage, Michael's attempts to find a new love to replace Jan and continuing Jim and Pam cuteness. The parking issues struck a chord with me since we're experiencing a similar situation at MY office.

Andy: I left my cellphone in my car.

Phyllis: Call us when you get there so we know you're OK.

Michael falls in love with a model in an office products catalog. Mooning over the model prevents him from selecting his new office chair--which prevents Pam from getting Michael's old chair. And when Pam gets Michael's chair, Creed gets hers. "Then I get two chairs. Only one to go!"

Michael tells the office that they have an hour to come up with a name of a potential for him to date--or they're fired. Jim offers up Wendy, a hot and juicy redhead. When Michael calls the number provided, he gets Wendy's, the fast food chain. So Dwight pledges to Michael that he will find the chair model for him. But when Dwight calls the catalog who directs him to the ad agency which leads him to the photographer who provides him with the name of the modeling agency, Dwight finds the chair model is dead. Killed in a car accident. Michael is distraught.

Pam offers up her landlord. "Oh really? What's her name? Burger King?" mutters Michael. But upon meeting Pam's plain landlord, Michael is less than impressed. He tells her he enjoyed their conversation, "It was like talking to the sweet old lady on the bus." Back at the office, Dwight theorizes that Michael's problem is that he needs closure. He offers to drive Michael so that he can obtain it and move on. Of course we think they're going to meet Jan, but it turns out to be the grave of the chair model. Michael mournfully asks Dwight what to do, to which Dwight replies, "Wait 'til next year's chair catalog comes out and find someone who's still alive." That Dwight--probably not the best source for romantic advice...

Jim and Pam flirt with the idea of living together, but Pam insists she won't live with someone unless she's engaged. Jim says that's definitely coming and proceeds to punk her into thinking he's getting down on one knee when he's tying his shoelace. Funniest line: Michael calling the outed Oscar "Oscar Mayer wiener lover." All in all, a really cute episode.


  1. Definitely the best Earl and Office episodes of their respective seasons.

    I'm glad the sitcoma wasn't in this one.

  2. I'm very glad the sitcoma was in this one!

    This was a great Earl episode, but I still love The Gangs of Camden County one. Remember that? Way back before the strike? This was definitely the best post-strike episode...

    And The Office has been pretty solid all season. Remember the ep with Dwight outselling the computer? Or the Dunder-Mifflin ad? Or the Schrute Farm B&B?