Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Closer - Season Four on DVD

On Tuesday, May 26th, Warner Home Video released the complete fourth season of The Closer on DVD.

Now, I've never seen seasons one, two or three of the series that airs on TNT. Mostly because until recently I didn't have cable. And quite frankly when I saw the promos when the show initially premiered in 2005, it seemed to me to be "The Closer--starring Kyra Sedgwick's hair!"

In reality, The Closer is quite a taut and engrossing crime procedural. It's part Law & Order but amped up with more insight into the recurring characters' lives--especially Brenda Johnson (Sedgwick), the seemingly addled but in actuality adroit title character. The title of the series refers to Brenda's almost pathological need and ability to close cases--usually through a combination of skilled and dogged detective work culminating in an intense interrogation in which the suspect ends up confessing.

The series also raises the bar with its talented cast. In addition to the Emmy-nominated Sedgwick, the reliable J. K. Simmons who plays Brenda's boss and hottie Jon Tenney who plays her fiancé. The episodes feature many ripped from the headlines type stories ala Law & Order--for example episode two of season four, "Speed Bump," which centered around the scheme of two women who took insurance policies out on halfway house residents (in reality it was homeless men) and then killed them off when the policies vested.

Sedgwick is thoroughly engaging as the transplanted Steel Magnolia. She's an iron fist in a velvet glove right down to the ultra-feminine wardrobe and accent like melted butter. She can be fussy and downright annoying, but ultimately you have the utmost admiration and respect for her pragmatic savviness.

The 4 DVD set includes all fifteen episodes plus two featurettes: "A Day in the Life of a Detective," featuring actor Corey Reynolds (Det. Sgt. David Gabriel) as he rides along with an LAPD Detective and "Catching a Lie," a compelling look at how interrogators know a suspect is telling a lie. The collection also includes a gag reel and unaired scenes.

I'm not quite halfway through season four, but as soon as I finish I'll be hunting down episodes on the internet so I can get caught up with seasons one, two and three. Season five of The Closer premieres on TNT on June 8th.


  1. I used to love the Closer. Then I wrote a Closer spec. Now watching it just isn't the same! Good show though.

  2. I'm sure you nailed the spec. I love the humor in the show--very twisted. I've laughed out loud on a number of occasions.