Friday, May 22, 2009

Ugly Betty - In the Stars and The Fall Issue

Poor Molly. Did y'all see her death coming from a mile away like I did? Ugh. The Sixth Sense touch during Daniel's MAMA acceptance speech was suitably creepy. I thought the moment was undercut a bit starting with Suzuki St. Pierre's snarky dubbing of the couple as "Prince Charming and soon-t0-be Sleeping Beauty." But a devastated Daniel being comforted by Betty was a poignant moment.

Matt was his usual whiny, needy, clingy self during both episodes. There was a moment where he embarrassed Betty by talking to Henry and airhead girlfriend Chloe with his belly button that I found him adorable, but the rest of the time--forget it.

When he confronts Betty about her kiss with Henry, he tells her "I never kissed anyone else!" Yeah, pretty high-handed for a former sex addict...

And it looks like he might have Willie's job after her attempt to blackmail Claire over her secret lovechild with Cal Hartley backfired. Oh great. Even more pouty, whiny Matt next season. I think we need the writers to bring Gio back to kick his @$.

Christopher Gorham's appearance on the show didn't rock my world the way it did Betty's--nor did seeing The View harridans grilling Daniel or even Rachel Dratch playing twins Penny and Mindy. The Billie Jean King cameo was a hoot, however--as was that of Antonio Sabato, Jr. In fact, as Betty was recounting her Antonio dream to Hilda I was thinking, "I've had that very same dream!"

Of course mine doesn't end with whiny Matt accusing me of cheating. That by definition would not be a dream but a nightmare...

And it was genius to find a way to pair up Vanessa Williams and Broadway veteran Christine Baranski up for a brief duet.

Marc's pep talk to Justin who was rejected for a spot at the high school of the performing arts (I can totally see Mark Indelicato as part of the cast of Fame...) was nifty: "Find a niche. And if you can't find one...make one."

Next season: Is Marc really going to Mode? That would be sad. Will Willie track down Connor or was that who startled her at the end of the episode? And do we have a Meade half-brother or sister showing up sometime soon?

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