Thursday, May 7, 2009

LOST - Follow the Leader

It was an action-packed episode of LOST last night. Both Sawyer and Jack had the $@#% beat of them (although in Sawyer's case, I'm pretty sure there's still a lot of $#@% left in the wise-cracking former con man...), Jack and Eloise headed for the bomb, Dharma women and children headed for the hills (Ann Arbor, actually...) and John Locke took his people on a Pilgrimage to see Jacob.

It was heartening to see younger Eloise a bit broken up about shooting her son. Between recognizing the weird man who told her to bury the bomb 20 years ago and her handwriting in his journal, she is more than ready to hear Jack's explanation. When Jack explains that they're from the future and everything can be fixed by detonating the bomb, Eloise asks Kate, "Does he know what he's talking about?" "He thinks he does," replies Kate grimly.

On the way to the bomb, Kate decides she no longer wants to participate but instead wants to return to Dharma-ville to warn them of the impending blast. One of the Others is about to shoot her, but is shot instead by none other than Sayid! Yay--he's back! What timing, huh?

Jack tries to convince Kate to stay telling her, "This is our destiny." But Kate incredulously replies, "Do you know who you sound like?" and leaves. Sayid, however, decides to follow Jack on the mission even after finding out his attempt to kill young Ben Linus was thwarted by Kate and Sawyer. He tells Jack that either his plan will fix things or put them out of their misery.

What an optimist!

Jin, Miles and Hugo head for the beach but are stopped by Pierre Chang who asks if they are really from the future. "Dude, that's ridiculous!" Hurley lies. But after being grilled by Chang as to his birthdate, whether or not he fought in the Korean War or who is currently (in 1977) President, Hurley caves admitting, "Alright dude, I'm from the future."

Miles also admits that he is Chang's son and is able to convince him to evacuate the island. He then witnesses how his Dad had to practically force his Mom onto the sub in order to save their lives. The three also see Sawyer and Juliet entering the sub which leads Hurley to remark, "Sawyer always has a plan."

Sawyer's plan: "We'll buy Microsoft....and we'll bet on the Cowboys in the '78 Superbowl. We'll be rich." Taking a last look at the island before entering the sub, Sawyer says, "Good riddance." But the sweet moment of togetherness between Sawyer and Juliet is ruined by the last minute entrance by Kate--who upon returning to Dharma-ville was exiled off the island by Horace.

Given next week's preview, it appears that neither Sawyer nor Kate make it to Ann Arbor...

Thirty years later in 2007, John Locke returns to the Others camp with the carcass of a boar. Richard is a bit surprised to see Locke--but even more startled to see Sun and Ben. Ben explains to Sun that Richard is a sort of "Advisor" and that he's had that position for a very, very, very long time.

Sun approaches Richard and shows him the Dharma photo given to her by Christian Shepherd. She asks Richard if he was here in 1977 and Richard tells her that he recognizes the people in the photo because "I watched them all die."

So we've got two competing time lines: one where Jack and company try to detonate the bomb and erase the crash of Flight 815 and everything that happened afterwards, and one where John Locke and company attempt to stop Jack and company from dying in 1977.

I think.

Anyway, Locke was especially "twinkly" last night. And both Ben and Richard seemed a bit off-balance because of it. He tells Richard that they need to go on an errand and tells Ben he's coming with them. "Afraid I'll stage a coup?" Ben taunts. Locke is unruffled.

Later he tells Richard that he wants him to take him to Jacob. "That's not how it works!" Ben insists. Locke is calmly insistant.

He then directs Richard to approach the injured man coming out of the jungle and to remove the bullet from his leg and to tell him he has to bring everyone who was on the plane with him back and he may have to die to do it. Ben is astounded that Locke set up his own future. "This must be quite the out of body experience," he says to Locke and asks how he knew the precise timing of the encounter.

"The island told me," John replies serenely.

Back at camp, John gathers the Others and invites them to go with him to meet Jacob. Now both Richard and Ben are freaked out. "I'm starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble," Richard confides to Ben. "Why do you think I tried to kill him?" Ben responds.

Always the manipulator, Ben confides to John that Richard "has concerns" as the Others make their Pilgrimage to Jacob. Locke is amused. Ben asks if he really thinks Jacob will reunite him with the O6. "I'm not interested in being reunited with my people," Locke says sanguinely. A confused Ben asks, "Why are we going to Jacob?"

"So I can kill him," John calmly replies.

We've got a recap show followed by the two-hour season finale next week. Until then, check out the recap at Lostpedia, the screencaps at Dark UFO and Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney's Dueling Analyses at

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