Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Watched this flick on Pay-per-view with Dave and Kat this evening. Two things:

1. Anne Hathaway definitely deserved the Oscar nod for her performance. When I saw trailers for the movie I kept thinking to myself, hasn't this movie been made already? Rachel Getting Married, Margot at the Wedding? But Hathaway's performance as a troubled young woman who gets a weekend pass from rehab to attend her sister's wedding is mesmerizing.

She's a perfect balance of self-absorbed drama queen and fragile vulnerability. The whole cast does an incredible job.

2. Anyone about to plan a wedding should watch this and then elope. Unless you're a complete masochist or bridezilla, this film perfectly captures the overwrought dysfunction inherent in most weddings.

It's definitely worth putting on your Netflix list.

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