Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Technologically Incompatible

The Washington Post had a great article the other day about how today's overwhelming variety of communication modes can derail a romance. As someone who prefers email and blogging to texting or Twitter, I can see the dilemma. Says writer Monica Hesse:

"Each form of communication has its own followers and rules, which means dating today is a law of inverse proportions: As ways to communicate increase, the chances you will date someone who speaks your technological language decrease."
I once had a writing partnership break down over IM (to be fair, he was a world class @$$hole, but the technology didn't help any...). Have any of you experience technological incompatibility?
[Marc] Houston...would never, for example, date someone who refused to text. And someone who was still on MySpace instead of Facebook? "Oh, that would be an automatic reject," Houston says. "It's kind of like a unibrow." He pauses. "Maybe that's why I'm single."

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