Monday, May 18, 2009

Desperate Housewives - Season Finale

The two-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives was actually two one hour episodes. It featured the return of Edie (as one of Dave's hallucinations) and more importantly the return of Lily Tomlin as McCluskey's sister Roberta.

M.J. survived and the writers did a bit to try and rehabilitate Dave's reputation. But instead of being killed by the crash he set up to punish Susan, he actually survived and is back in a mental institution.

Cliffhangers for next season: Lynette's pregnancy and how it will affect the Scavo's future/marriage, Karl and Bree's hot affair and who was it that Mike married at the end of the show? I'm guessing Susan given that passionate kiss they shared after the drama with Dave was over.

Gabby's dealing with a mini-me in the form of the teen-aged granddaughter of Miss Patti--I mean Carlos' Aunt Connie--who she and Carlos take in when Aunt Connie becomes too ill to continue caring for her. Actually, Ana combines the bad sides of Gabby and former DH demon seed Kayla. No doubt she'll wreak havoc on the Solis marriage before she's eventually put out to pasture.

In addition to horrendous hairstyles, Felicity Huffman has had to suffer through the Susan Mayerization of her character this season. I mean, seriously--has anyone been more annoying than Lynette lately? A couple of weeks ago, she's telling Tom he can do whatever he wants since she's got a nice, cushy job and this week she's sabotaging his attempt to go back to school because learning to speak Mandarin is frivolous?

Who cares? He was hanging out with Gabby's garden club before. Although one doesn't need to attend a university to learn a language. No doubt he could have taken an Adult Ed or community college course or two.

Best line of the night: Lynette to nurse who refused to tell her the test results, "If it's cancer and I find out you knew, I won't be dying alone."

I don't really care who Mike ended up marrying (if it's Susan again, he deserves what he gets...), but the Karl and Bree affair should make it worthwhile to tune in next season. And note to Marc Cherry: more Bob and Lee!


  1. I've missed Lee, too (Bob not so much). Did you see Kevin, Marc and Jamie guest starring on "Head Case"? Too funny! Roleplay with Ken dolls, heee.

    I wonder if the Snoop Sisters spinoff rumors are true. I've loved their scenes.

  2. Ah, Colleen! You should check Tuc Watkins out on One Life to Live. He's hysterical! Unfortunately, they've got him playing "straight man" to Kevin Rahm's diva queen (Very Will Truman and Jack McFarland if you ask me...)

    Missed Kevin's gig on Head Case--will need to search You Tube for that.

    Where did you hear about a Tomlin/Joosten spin-off? I would so watch that!!!

  3. Stella, I found some press clippings on Lily Tomlin's imdb page. Mainly NYPost; not the most reliable, I guess. I would so watch it, too.

    And I'll check out Tuc, definitely.l