Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LOST: Season 5 finale is The Incident

This might be the last missive from George for a while. Aaaaccckkkk!!! I can't believe the LOST season finale is tonight. Whatever happens, you know it'll be a cliffhanger that will keep us guessing until it returns next year:

Hello LOSTies,

Wasn't "Follow The Leader" one of the best set up episodes??

To remind you of what happened we'll start in 1977. Daniel is dead and Eloise realizes that he WAS telling the truth about being her son, especially after seeing her handwriting in his notebook.

After Jack and Kate get captured by Charles, Eloise and Jack strike a work together to detonate Jughead, essentially completing Daniel's work. Kate couldn't stand the thought of blowing up a bomb so she returned to DHARMAviile, while Sayid replaced her on the crew to Jughead.

Pierre began the evacuation procedures after believing the group was from future about "The Incident". Miles, from the bushes, saw his mom and himself being evacuated. Saywer made a deal with Radzinsky, and he and Juliet made it on the departing sub in return for a map leading to the Hostiles camp. Kate is also thrown into the departing sub and the sub leaves the island.

Jughead's location is right under DHARMAville and Jack, Sayid, Eloise, and Richard get to the chamber where it is located.

In 2007/8, Sun confronts Richard about Jin and Richard confesses to seeing them all die in front of his eyes. Using her grief and the Others' lack of Jacob knowledge, Locke sets out to confront Jacob on how to get everyone back. Ben begins to set some doubt in Richard's head over Locke's leadership and intentions. Meanwhile, once they have started their journey, Locke admits to Ben his true kill Jacob.

At 8 p.m. tonight there will be a recap episode called "LOST: A Journey In Time"

This leads up to tonight's Season 5 finale "The Incident" at 9 p.m..

So what will we get tonight??

  • We will get Jack and group trying to move the bomb to the Swan with time running out.
  • We will have Radzinsky pushing for the excavation of the Swan site.
  • We will have further clarifications of Locke's plan to kill Jacob (this includes a shout-out to Smokey's appearance as Alex)
  • We will find out the fates of Rose and Bernard
  • We will see the mysterious box that Ilana and Bram had on Hydra Island when they knocked out Frank.
  • We will see Roger attempt revenge
  • We will see the following characters: _A___A, __M, and __C___. We will meet someones Uncle Doug, too.
  • We will also ____N with someone shocking.

Can Jack stop "The Incident", thereby preventing 815 from ever crashing? Will Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate drink the OJ on the sub? Will Juliet pull out all stops to keep her man from Kate? Will there be a common thread amongst the main characters no one saw coming? Will we find out what lies in the shadows of the statue? Will we see the statue? Will we see Jacob? And with a cliffhanger unlike any other cliffhanger in the history of LOST, tonight will be one episode we'll be talking about for 8 LOOOONG months.

And look out for these two men, Mark Pellegrino (ex-Paul Bennett, Dexter) & Titus Welliver (ex-Silas Adams, Deadwood):

So we will get to see what happened with Rose and Bernard. Awesome!

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