Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kinesys Performance Sunscreen

While I am pretty religious about putting sunscreen on my face, I often am lax about making sure my body is adequately protected. Partly because it's such a drag to put it on. My face is a fairly small and finite area. The rest of my body requires more of a time investment.

But I know I should be making sure my hands, chest, neck and legs have good coverage. I've tried those spray-on sunscreens thinking they'd be more efficient than squeezing a bottle or tube and massaging it in but the results were messy and more time consuming than traditional application methods.

I jumped at the opportunity to test out Kinesys Performance Sunscreen not only for its spray on application but also for the fact that it provides photo-stable broad spectrum protection (Parsol 1789) and is oil, alcohol, PABA and preservative-free. The sunscreen diffuses in a thin film, rather than a gloppy mess. It feels a bit slick going on, but dries and absorbs quickly and easily.

And if that weren't enough, Kinesys uses 100% recyclable materials, is cruelty-free and carbon neutral.

Summer's coming and, as George Harrison would say, "Here Comes the Sun." Kinesys offers a great option for protecting your skin from sunburn and skin cancer.

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