Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Mental

My friend Ari was in Colombia for six months working as the script supervisor for Mental. The show is set in Los Angeles, but was filmed in South America.

Go figure.

It premieres on Fox's summer schedule tomorrow night. Support Ari and tune in Tuesday at 9 pm and watch.


  1. So Colombia is now Hollywood South - interesting. So far "Mental"'s holding its own in the E!Online poll. I think reviewers are unfair in comparing it unfavorably to "In Treatment" and "Head Case."

    Both shows really understand how to exploit the dramatic possibilities in therapy, and I particularly like Allison's Pill's arc, which explores the impact autism has on the whole family. And Alexandra Wentworth is a brilliant comedian, though I can't quite imagine her and George Stephanopoulos as a RL couple. Another show I want to see is "Wonderland," largely for Ted Levine.

    But I digress: I don't think "Mental" wants to be these shows. I hope they revisit the schizophrenic's story. Multi-episode arcs are more interesting for me. I like the star and Sciorra and Gonzalez. I'll give it at least a couple more eps. I hope it can become more than "Psycho House."

  2. Colleen,

    I saw a review that compared it (unfavorably) to House. I DVR'd it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to watch it (and review it!) soon...