Friday, May 8, 2009

Ugly Betty and The Office -The Born Identity and Cafe Disco

As predicted Willie did indeed fake the DNA results and William was Christina's son.

Willie brings William to the office to manipulate Hartley at the presentation. It works as Hartley exclaims, "I love babies! Maybe because they can't ask me for money." When he goes to ogle William, the baby is missing.

Christina and Stuart kidnapped William because Christina is convinced that William is hers. Betty unwittingly becomes an accomplice and then Claire Meade gets involved as they try to arrange for another DNA test. But before they can have one performed, the cops show up and arrest Christina and Stuart.

Betty attempts to con Willie into admitting that William isn't her baby--which fails, but her warning that Willie cannot possibly keep the lie up for much longer does work. Willie manages to spin things so she looks like the selfless hero, but without William as Bradford's heir Claire and Daniel are poised to get rid of Willie once and for all. Willie, however, has covered her bases by admitting her deviousness to Hartley and getting him to back her.

'Cuz Willie is a shark while Daniel is a bunny.

So not surprisingly Willie will remain to thwart Daniel and Claire and add her special brand of haughtiness to the show, but Christina is heading back to Scotland. Too bad, but at least we didn't have to see skeevy Matt last night. But I'm wondering what the heck has been up with Molly?

Best lines of the show--an exchange between Willie and Marc as usual:

Willie: Marc, put on your game face.
(Marc looks fierce)
Willie: I said your "game face" not your gay face.
Marc: (pouting) Same face!

And Suzuki St. Pierre's rendering of Christina and Stuart's baby twenty years in the future as a paunchy, pasty drunk was too hysterical.

Michael creates a little getaway in the former Michael Scott Paper Company location so he can dance and drink espresso. He tries to get the rest of the office to loosen up, but they are resistant. "Charles really did a number on these guys," he theorizes and invites them to take a break and drink coffee and dance.

"It's a combo disco coffee bar?" Phyllis asks. "Cafe Disco," Erin dubs it. Still, no-one wants to take Michael up on "All you can eat espresso" except for Kevin. When Angela comes down to retrieve him, Michael tells her, "This is a no-work zone, Please respect the lei!"

Phyllis is attracted by the music and tries to get her husband Bob to join her for a dance, but is thwarted by his secretary. She goes to Cafe Disco anyway, but ends up throwing out her back while dancing with Michael.

Michael and Dwight manage to get her back up to the office, where Michael is met with disapproval from the staff. "You all took a life here today. The life of the party!" he tells them as he storms into his office.

Meanwhile Dr. Dwight starts to attend to Phyllis using massage techniques that were used on Schrute race horses. He notes that Phyllis grinds her teeth. "It's the most annoying children singing Christmas carols!"

Sent to dismantle Cafe Disco by Michael, Erin turns on the music again and starts dancing with Kelly. Soon, Cafe Disco is filled with people. Upstairs, Michael mournfully tells Creed, "Café Disco is dead, but I can still hear music in my head..." "I hear it too, boss," Creed replies.

Michael goes downstairs to find Cafe Disco jumping and Kelly and Andy having a dance-off. The homage to Flashdance was particularly amusing although it would have been even funnier if ANDY had been doing the Jennifer Beals impression rather than Kelly.

Creed gives Michael a mini disco ball from his car to hang up telling him, "I'll just have no idea who's driving behind me now." Phyllis and Dwight show up and Phyllis asks him if he'll dance with her. "Sure. You need to move to reduce lactic acid buildup plus this song is fantastic!" Dwight answers. But then Bob Vance arrives to dance with his wife. Even Jim and Pam, who had planned to sneak off to Ohio and elope, are drawn to the cheesy delights of Cafe Disco.

Michael still can't get Angela to join in. "I just don't like the general spirit of music," she insists. But as Michael sits next to her, he can't help but note that she's tapping her foot along with the rhythm of the music.

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  1. Another week, another great Ugly Betty episode…so glad it’s back. I knew it couldn’t be Willie’s baby, and I’m glad they at least got that part right instead of trying to get for a really shocking twist. However, I really wish they would’ve found a way to keep Christina on the show…I thought she was a great character. I’m interested in seeing how they fill that void - I think Betty needs some sort of similar confidant…we’ll see.

    The scene at the end was so beautiful, I’m really glad they used the song “Layers” by Asobi Seksu - this is the second week in a row where I thought they used a perfect song at the end to convey the emotion of the scene. A video clip of the scene/song is at