Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spaghetti Fetish

It's been rather slow at "Best of Craigslist" lately. I guess they've been busy dealing with fallout from the so-called "Craigslist Killer" and the attempted lawsuit by the South Carolina Attorney General.

But lo and behold in the last couple of days a veritable deluge of "Best of" posts have shown up on the site. Including one that sound like it could be from the Cereal Fetishist's soulmate:

Sit in a hot tub full of marinara sauce with me - m4w

I have a huge hot tub, i'm going to fill it with homemade marinara sauce. Let's get naked and sit in it. I'll be wearing a Rolex and Ray-Bans. I'll put some Barbara Streisand or some Wu-Tang Clan on the stereo. Nothing too sexual, just nudity and marinara sauce.

I don't know what's stranger: someone who likes sitting in marinara or someone who likes both Barbara Streisand AND Wu-Tang Clan.

That's just weird.


  1. I am mostly confused by the Rolex and Raybans. All the rest makes PLENTY of sense!

  2. I guess if they're police-style RayBans it's OK.

    Truth really IS stranger.

  3. Weird! I had been craving spaghetti earlier. No so much now.

  4. Linz/Colleen,

    I can almost understand the Ray-Bans, but the Rolex would get ruined!


    You crack me up!