Friday, May 15, 2009

Ugly Betty and The Office - In the Stars and Company Picnic

Ugh. Another episode featuring whiny Matt--who apparently in addition to being a spoiled, rich, sex addict is also a dilettante. His gnat-sized attention span threatens to derail Marc and Betty's shot to win the Y.E.T.I. final project challenge.

Due to a hiring freeze at Mode, both Marc and Betty's future hang in the balance with the outcome of the project. Daniel apologizes to Betty telling her, "I know you have bigger aspirations than booking my tans."

Unfortunately Matt seems to be more preoccupied with watching YouTube videos with Amanda than participating in the project. Marc wants to kick him out of the group telling Betty, "It's a dog-eat-dog world and Matt's looking a lot like lunch."

Matt confesses to Betty that he's lost his passion for publishing but Mrs. Hartley shows up to get Betty to convince him to finish Y.E.T.I. With access to the planetarium for their project's photo shoot hanging in the balance, Betty manages to get Matt to finish out the last week of the project. But when Matt witnesses his mother mouthing a "thank you" to Betty, he freaks out and walks out on her and the project.

He seems to do a lot of that.

He comes back to apologize to Betty--and present a peace offering in the form of singer Adele, star of the photo shoot. As he cuts in on Daniel he tells Betty, "If I step on your toes it's because I'm a terrible dancer," to which Betty replies, "If I step on your toes it's probably because I'm still mad at you."

The Mode wedding issue runs into some obstacles when Matt's dad, the not-so-silent-partner Cal Hartley, finds fault with Willie's layout. In between the blatant Cherry 7-Up Antioxidant product placement, he tells Willie that the dresses aren't "popping." He then solicits Claire's advice and puts her to work helping Willie.

Of course, the two end up fighting and Willie delivers an ultimatum to Cal Hartley telling him there are three things she doesn't do: "Collaboration, compromise and Claire--and believe me I chose the nice C there."

Claire gracefully bows out which leads Cal to appoint her Senior Vice President of Meade Publications--much to Willie's chagrin.

The Mode wedding issue causes a minor misunderstanding between Molly and Daniel when she thinks Daniel is proposing to her. Daniel then decides to make the proposal real and Molly accepts.

Best line from a gay Mode co-worker upon hearing the news about the impending nuptials:

"That is so great…that you're allowed to do that."

There is almost another upcoming wedding on the show when Ignacio proposes to Elena and she accepts--but Ignacio withdraws his proposal so that Elena can accept her dream job in California. And thanks to Betty, Molly and Daniel's wedding goes off without a hitch--but while she and Daniel pack for their honeymoon, she collapses on the bathroom floor.

Henry is back for the season finale (no doubt due to the cancellation of Harper's Island), so perhaps this is the end of the irritating Matt Hartley.

On The Office, Dunder-Mifflin has a company picnic so we got to see the return of Idris Elba as Charles and Amy Ryan as Holly Flax.

God, I've missed Holly. Maybe almost as much as Michael has--although he didn't go through with his plan to tell her that they are soul mates. You only have to watch the two of them together doing their lame SlumDunder-Mifflinaire routine where they inadvertently let slip that the Buffalo branch is closing down--while the entire branch sits in the audience--to know that the two belong together.


Speaking of soul mates, it looks like sweethearts Jim and Pam may be expecting. Pam, the Scranton branch's best volleyball player, gets injured in their grudge match against corporate. Dwight tries to stall for time while Jim takes her to a local hospital to get her ankle checked out.

Pam tries to rush the process while the nurse asks her a battery of questions. She asks if they can hurry this up because she has a game to get back to, to which the nurse replies, "Oh good 'cuz my next question is "Do you have a game to get back to?""

God, they're adorable!

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