Monday, May 25, 2009

Cutting throught the Keywords

It's been a while. From February through April the top ten searches landing on my blog were:

  1. heroes exposed
  2. gap rewards
  3. trail of the screaming forehead dvd
  4. hollie nell blog
  5. nude dudes cleaning
  6. biotherm celluli laser
  7. stella louise los angeles, ca
  8. who is lafleur
  9. most annoying tv characters
  10. gap rewards points
Wow. Nice to know I'm in the top ten although Hollie beats me out. Oh well--can't compete with a gorgeous redhead! To be fair, there were seven other keywords that were variations apparently searching for me. At least I think "blog of louise screenwriters in hollywood from pittsburgh" was searching for me...

Obviously whoever typed the above had better luck than the person searching for "carlton cuse damon lindelof cell phone number email extension." Yeah, the LOST show runners have their personal contact info posted on the internet.

Eddie Steeples beat out Tom Bergeron for "shirtless" searches. More people wanted to see nude or naked pics of Eddie over Tom as well. Personally I think y'all need help...The people searching for "garret dillahunt shirtless" or "haaz sleiman shirtless" don't have the same issues.

Poor Mark Cuban really slipped with only three shirtless searches.

Odd searches:

vintage carnival birthday party
very attractive and sexy administrative assistants in dallas
shackled in a jumpsuit
walt garp eyelashes
puppet comedy funny song lyrics first person uranus video
do indie people have schizophrenia
libra fleur tampon dog
nun and priest porno
pantyless + amusement park
puppet comedy funny song lyrics first person uranus video
wasp waisted goth girl
where are you matt huffman? does anyone know where this amazing guy in his twenties is now?

Searches that will become future posts:

90s heartthrobs
top ten trigger happy movies
my top 10 favorite movies of 2009 (in 2010)

"Average" searches:

average 1 number to another
average adding
average age of death for the tudors
average annie
average computer crashes
average facebook posts on birthday
average films of 2008
average heroes
average hotties
average housewives nude
average jane
average keywords
average mens+nude blog
average money spent on a tv
average movies
average nude
average pay of pro dancers on dwts
average people nude
average price for a screenplay 2008
average price for eco shoes
average price on beauty products
average runner
average screenplay salary
average size of a spongebob
average social network
average stone throw
average tattoo time
average time needed to read 100 pages
average time taken to read 100 pages
average time to read 100 pages
average vert
fashion tips for average men
is slumdog millionaire average
nude average
pc computers crash on average how often?
slumdog millionnaire , average

the answer above average boutique
what is the average amount of views for shades of gray
what's the average time to read 100 pages

"Above average" searches:

above average
above average 2 years old
above average animals
above average boutique
above average facially
above average footwear
above average looking
above average nike
above average quotes
above average shoes
average, above avarage , etc
beauty above average com
aka above average wrestler
stalker ""above-average""
another word for above average
above average stella

Oh look--another search for me! They would have found me a whole lot faster if instead of looking for just "above average," they set their sights on "Well Above Average."

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