Wednesday, October 10, 2007

...and then there were nine

I was a bit off with my Dancing with the Stars prediction. Wayne Newton was in fact in the bottom two, but Mark Cuban escaped it completely. Is he using some of his billions to buy fans votes? Instead, Floyd Mayweather joined Wayne in the red light of death--but it was the Newt who got the boot. Interestingly, Jerry Springer had a longer run than the King of Vegas. But while Jerry embraced his geezer-ness, Wayne epitomizes kitschy, campy excess with his shoe-black hair and slick persona. I think that's what did him in. Oh, and he can't dance.

This season is a reverse of last with the women kicking ass and the men dropping like flies. Mark Cuban and Floyd Mayweather won't last much longer and then there will be only Cameron Mathison and racecar driver Helio representing for the boys. Eventually, another woman will follow Josie Maran to dance floor oblivion. I wonder who it will be?

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