Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Shocking DWTS

OK, I obviously know NOTHING when it comes to predicting the Dancing with the Stars results. Inexplicably Mark Cuban (avec shirt) survived far longer than I thought he would, and now my pick for the contest winner--the BEST DANCER!--has been voted off the show. She was the first to earn a perfect score--weeks ahead of prior seasons! I would have bet both Mel B. and Jane Seymour would end up in the bottom two as both have been there before, which is an indication of a lacking fan base. Amazingly, both were the first to be pronounced "safe" on tonight's show. Although Jane wasn't actually on the show since she was dealing with a case of food poisoning. Botulism, hyperventilation--I think maybe host Tom Bergeron should introduce the show doctor at the outset instead of the band leader...

My next best guess would have been that Jennie and Marie would end up in the bottom two--but even they made it through to next week along with Helio. Soap star hottie Cameron Mathison joined Sabrina in the red glare tonight and for a moment it looked like Helio might literally be the last man standing. But Cameron squeaked through while the most talented dancer of the lot danced her last dance. You've gotta hand it to the judges--they gave her the same score as Cameron for a performance that far outshone everyone else--so they share some of the blame for her exit. Do they score on a bell curve or what? Had they given her at least a 27, she might have made it to the next round. Boo Bruno and Len!

On another note: I found out what is exactly the deal is with Jane Seymour's necklace. It is not an abstract swan as I surmised, but something she herself designed. According to her the inscrutable "symbol" is actually two "open hearts" holding hands and dancing with each other. Anyway, Jane will be back to dance next. Sadly, Sabrina will not.

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