Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Latest News on WGA Negotiations

It's getting scary out there!

For all things WGA related, I usually turn to Craig Mazin and Ted Elliot's Artful Writer. It's a great screenwriting blog to begin with--but Craig and Ted really go the extra mile to disseminate facts and their insights and opinions on Guild-related topics and issues. In addition, some WGA Contract Captains have started their own blog called United Hollywood. Let's hope that name reflects the Union philosophy as well.

The L.A. Times is another source for industry info as is L.A. Weekly's Deadline Hollywood by Nikki Finke. One L.A. Times story was about writers flashing back to the 1988 WGA strike. Speaking of "flashing back," writer Ken Levine reminisces on his own personal pros and cons of the 1985 strike--pro: a Cheers scripts that was filmed EXACTLY as written (how many writers get that opportunity?) and con: the fact it was the FIRST draft of said script!

It seems all of Hollywood is worried about the threat of an impending strike--from viewers whose favorite shows would be interrupted to the on-set caterers. According to one estimate, a strike could cost as much as $1 billion. Nick Counter, AMPTP president says that they're ready and furthermore that:

"The problem with the strike, as I said to them this morning, is it impacts far more people than just Writers Guild members. We have hundreds of thousands of people who rely on this industry, and all those people are at risk. For the Writers Guild, their demands are so over-the-top and unreasonable. It's really embarrassing to anybody who understands this that intelligent people like the Writers Guild people would stand on these proposals they made back in July and not make one iota of movement."

Still, we've got SAG behind us and the Teamsters--and most importantly Alec Baldwin.

Take that, AMPTP--you thoughtless little pigs!

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