Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More headaches for Network Execs

As if the possible Writers' strike wasn't enough to deal with, pity the poor Network Execs trying to configure their schedules for maximum ratings potential. As I posted before, Nielsen has reconfigured the way it calculates ratings, which has created havoc in trying to determine exactly who is winning the ratings war--and the associated advertising dollars. Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post reports on the confusion caused by the new ratings calculations and the influence of "time shifters" saying:

"...all the broadcast networks were down compared with Premiere Week 2006 among viewers of all ages and in that golden 18-49 age bracket. But, as one industry exec explained, this season's "down 10 percent" is the new "flat," "flat" is the new "up" and the DVR is the new sixth network."
And Broadcasting and Cable had an insightful analysis of why the Networks hate Premiere week. But as much as they might hate premiere week, keeping the audience hooked on a new show might be even harder tracking them in the first place--as veteran writer Ken Levine insightfully points out in his blog post about Why Week Two is often weak two.

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