Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Keywords

It's endlessly fascinating to me how people come to stumble upon my blog. Sometimes, they're searching for a review of a movie or a recap of a TV show--in which case they often find what they're looking for. Other times, a random combination of keywords leads them here, and they leave without finding what they were looking for. For some reason, I feel bad about that. So in an attempt to rectify that situation, I will try to fill in the gaps of some of my posts.

I've had a bunch of hits from people interested in the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Many were interested in the deviations from historical facts in the film. Of course liberties were taken in the telling of this tale of the Virgin Queen's life. For a more accurate recounting, I highly recommend The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir. It's fascinating reading--if you're in to the whole Elizabethan thing. For the searcher wanting to know where the Scottish castle scene was shot, try IMDB. Under "Other Info," they list filming locations and from perusing that I found that scene was most likely filmed at Eilean Donan Castle, Kyle of Lochalsh, Highlands, Scotland.

Someone searching for what percentage of red M&M's are in each package landed at a Best of Craigslist post I found about M&M "wars." Hopefully, they got a good chuckle--but unfortunately not the information they were seeking. The official M&M's site has some interesting trivia--including the fact that there were NO red M&M's from 1976 until 1987 after the FDA banned red dye #2, even thought it was red dye #3 and #40 that was used in M&M's. It was reinstated after consumer protests. According to Food, the proportions were 30% brown, 20% red, 20% yellow and 10% each of orange, green and tan for plain M&M's. But this was before Mars introduced the color blue in 1995. Personally, I think the blue M&M's taste icky.

Several searcher ended up at my post I'm NOT a Barbie Girl but didn't find what they were looking for. For the person who queried "Why do girls want to have the same figure as the Barbie doll?" the answer is that girls DON'T want to have the same figure as Barbie. For all her unrealistic proportions, Barbie actually has some curves. Unfortunately, girls aspire to being curveless stick figures--ala Nicole Richie or Mary-Kate Olsen. It's not Barbie that girls wish to emulate figure-wise, it's the bobble-headed Bratz dolls. And for the person wanting to find out about all the different kinds of Barbies, mine are all figments of my twisted imagination. Check out for the real deal.

Someone searched on "best day to post on Craigslist." Hmmm, I don't know. I read Craigslist EVERY day--so it doesn't matter for me. But I've noticed that posts tend to drop off on weekends. Either that's a good time to post because you won't have as much competition, or a bad time to post because not as many people are online and reading. For the person wanting to figure out "how to get to the end of the best of Craigslist," well actually the posts are ordered from most recent to oldest so you're actually at the end to begin with. But if what you want is to get quickly to the BEGINNING (i.e.; oldest posts), here's a trick: Click on the link for the Best of Craigslist, scroll down to bottom of the page and click on "next 100." At the top of your browser, where the URL is listed, you'll see "" Where it says "index100.html" change it to "index2000.html." That should get you back to the oldest posts.

Someone searching on "how to deal with a gay boss" landed on my post of a video featuring my friend Ann Vanino talking about how to deal with a difficult boss. In my opinion, you'd deal with a gay boss the same way as you'd deal with a straight boss. Just like you'd give the same respect and consideration for a female boss as you would a male boss. I'm not sure what someone's sex or sexual orientation has to do with it...

Another searcher for "beneficial bacteria for stopping chocolate cravings" landed on my post about bacteria in the digestive track that CAUSES chocolate cravings. No, there's not an anti-chocolate bacteria floating around. Who'd want it if there was, anyway? Someone else trying to find out whether or not "Jiffy Pop causes cancer" landed on the entry about popcorn fumes causing lung disease. Well, I guess in that case, they did find the information they were looking for--although they probably wish they hadn't...

A Desperate Housewives fan was interested in "Teri Hatcher's crystal cross necklace." I couldn't find out anything about that, but a good resource for TV fashion information is the website Seen On. Another wondered about "how to do Gabby's hair" and well, the best person to ask about that would be the hair stylist for DH, Gabor Heiligenberg.

Dancing with the Stars posts always receive quite a number of hits. Someone wondered if the professional dancers on the show get more money the longer they stay on. Hmmm, I'm don't know about that--although I remember last season, when Heather Mills got voted off the show, she said something about feeling bad for her dance partner because he would no longer get paid. Perhaps the dancers, like many TV cast members, get paid on a per show basis. Another searcher was looking for "DWTS reruns." Uh, newsflash--reality TV has a limited shelf life. They don't do re-runs for the most part. I've seen repeat airing of America's Next Top Model but no Dancing with the Stars. And for the person who wondered what the symbol that was on the necklace Jane Seymour was wearing meant, it looked like a stylized/abstract swan to me.

Lately I've gotten a number of hits seeking "Mark Cuban shirtless." I'm not kidding. I have posted about Mark Cuban. And I did make mention of being shirtless--but it was in reference to Soap hottie Cameron Mathison, not the billionaire Mavericks owner. Seriously people, there are no naked or shirtless pictures on this site! And trust me, you would NOT want to see Mark Cuban shirtless. I'm willing to bet given a choice between Cameron Mathison or Mark Cuban, even his wife would pick Cameron. Mark Cuban shirtless? Scary.


  1. Nice. My most interesting keyword search was "I almost set my apartment on fire."

  2. That's a good one. My weirdest are "money hungry vampire pictures" (WTF?), "invisibility facts or fiction' (Uh-huh...) and "tell me how i wite a letter to my friend asking her that u come spend summer vacations with me."

    How the last one ended up on my blog, I'll never know.

  3. if you really want one, i have a couple.

    Since i have lost all the weight and have been working out... i might surprise you :)

  4. Dear Mark,

    Thanks for the offer--but I think I'll pass. While I do think you have a certain twinkly charm, I prefer you avec shirt.

    Congrats on the weight loss, though! All that dancing does wonders, huh?