Monday, October 29, 2007

Desperate Housewives - Everything's coming to a Fountainhead

Yeah, things are starting to heat up on Desperate Housewives. Bree managed to avoid disaster after her ex mother-in-law Phyllis "kidnapped" pregnant daughter Danielle from the convent by following Andrew's sage advice and "outbidding grandma." Which she and Orson do by dangling the promise of going to college in Florida and a new convertible in front of the spoiled Danielle, while all Phyllis has to offer is saggy, wrinkly retirees doing water aerobics. Bree offers Phyllis the consolation prize of being able to babysit her great-grandchild once a week.

Carlos heads out for a "golf weekend" and Edie gifts him with a set of golf balls--monogrammed with her initials. "I want everyone to know who your balls belong to," she tells Carlos. Unfortunately, Carlos' tryst with ex-wife Gabby is spoiled by the appearance of Gabby's former "trystee" John Rowland--now unhappily married and wanting to rekindle his affair. When Carlos glowers after spending time hiding in the closet, Gabby reminds him that he's doing to Victor the very same thing John did to him. This causes Carlos to rethink his affair with Gabby. He wants them to take a six month break while they both disentangle from Edie and Victor and then start things up clean. But their "last kiss" is caught on film by the private eye that Edie, not Victor, hired to tail them.

But the main story of the night was the sculpture new neighbors Bob and Lee (these two are a great addition in my opinion!). In order to get what they term an "eyesore" removed from the neighbor, they reconvene the Homeowners Association. But they need someone to run things and who better than uber-bitch Katherine? Bob and Lee make an appeal to Lynette to run against Katherine, warning her that her kids treehouse could be next. Ominously intoning, Lee says, "They came for the fountains and I had no fountain, then they came for the gnomes..." Lynette sees that the Katherine/Nazi comparison is apt and decides to campaign for HOA President herself to save her kids refuge from her illness from "guidelines and policies."

Poor Lynette. First she gets cancer, then her abrasive mother moves in to help out, then Gabby tells her she doesn't want to be around sick people, her whiny husband pulls the "What about Meeeeee?" card on her, and now her kids don't want to be bothered with her and she gets no support from her so-called friend Susan when she runs against Katherine in the election. Of course Susan has problems of her own since the "sculpture" is also a noisy fountain that Bob and Lee turn on at 6 am every morning. It seems to me that in the interest of being neighborly and considerate, they could wait until 8 or 9 am, but since my own neighbors can't be bothered to close a door without slamming it, I guess neighborliness and consideration aren't big these days...

But neighborliness is an issue for Katherine's husband, Adam, who tells Katherine that she doesn't seem happy and that she's turned into a control freak (you mean she wasn't BEFORE?!!!). Katherine acidly makes a remark about "losing control in Chicago" to which Adam replies that if anything that experience should have taught her the importance of having friends when the chips are down. So even though Katherine wins the presidency by one vote--Susan's--she relents on Lynette's treehouse. But as she tells Bob and Lee that the fountain must go, they tell her it's staying. Because apparently Lee has a friend on the board of the hospital where Adam formerly work--and they know what happened in Chicago.

So what did happen in Chicago? When Edie flirted and Gabby tried to make Carlos jealous with Adam, it raised Katherine's hackles. So it seems another woman was involved. Since it appears that Adam was bounced from the hospital staff--perhaps a patient or another staffer, or maybe another doctor's wife? So Katherine has two secrets--and Bob and Lee know one. Interesting...

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