Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Dizzying Dancing with the Stars

Well, Floyd Mayweather may have been knocked out of the competition last week, but Marie Osmond one-upped him by passing out on last night's show. It was a shocking moment as the extremely giddy Marie, waiting for the judges remarks on her samba, collapsed to the floor to the horror of all watching. The show quickly cut to an extended commercial break and when it returned, announced that Marie had fainted but was all right.

Apparently this happens when she hyperventilates as she did last night. Why the producers didn't edit out the shot of her sprawled on the floor for the west coast airing, I'll never know...
The judges scores didn't show much compassion and her cute but somewhat clunky rendering of the samba earned her only a 21. I'm sure her passionate fan base will drum up enough votes to keep her in the competition--even if her routine was lighter in the head than it was in the feet...

Jane Seymour followed that act with a rhumba that in my opinion was more posing than dancing. She looked fab though and the judges rewarded her with a 26. Mark Cuban, playing down his billionaire image by tapping into his inner geek, performed a samba to the I Dream of Jeannie theme song with partner Kim decked out ala Barbara Eden in a midriff baring ensemble. He keep turning his toes in, but when that was pointed out by the judges he blamed it on his hip surgery. Tom Bergeron then pointed to a former Dancing contestant --the one-legged Heather Mills--in a "quit yer bellyachin'" gesture to Cuban. He scored 21, tying with Marie Osmond for lowest score of the night.

Cheetah girl Sabrina turned in another great performance with a very sexy rhumba. She netted a 28 but missed the top of the leader board by one point when Mel B. nabbed a 29 for her samba. Despite being perched atop the leader board, Mel's stint in last week's bottom two is an indication that she might not have the fan base to continue in the competition--even if Mark Cuban is the worst dancer.

Jennie Garth danced a samba and earned 25 points while the usually competent Helio only scored 23 for his overly dramatic rhumba. Soap actor Cameron Mathison continued his trend from last week dancing a spicy rhumba that scored a 26 with the judges but no doubt earned him many more votes from his fans. Recently departed A&F model Albert Reed promised to dance shirtless on the show if he stayed. I think that task now falls on Cameron--who often gets to show off his awesome physique on All My Children.

It's tough to guess what the fans will do. I'm going to predict that Sabrina, Marie, Jane and Cameron will be safe. I think it might be iffy for Mel, Mark (I mean how much longer can the fans keep him around?), and perhaps even Jennie and Helio. We shall find out tonight...

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