Monday, October 15, 2007

Desperate Housewives Recap

Things are starting to heat up on Wisteria Lane. Susan decides to host her annual charades party--which no-one wants to go to until they figure out it will be a way to lube up the uptight Katherine (Dana Delaney) with alcohol and loosen her tongue about the secrets she's keeping about daughter Dylan's father. One of the secrets Katherine ISN'T keeping is her jealousy and her keeping hubby and hottie Nathan Fillion on a short leash. What exactly happened in Chicago, hmmm?

Susan asks Bree for the name of her ob/gyn since she's feeling weird about seeing Katherine's husband. Since Bree isn't really pregnant, this puts her in quite a pickle. She tries to brush Susan off--but Susan annoyingly persists. So she chooses a name randomly from the yellow pages. Turns out to be a sleazy doctor in a shady part of town. When Susan tells the skank in the waiting room that the doctor was recommended by a friend, the skank replies, "I wouldn't know. I'm just here for clean urine..." Most people would have run out screaming long before that, but not Susan who squirms though the entire visit.

Lynette's feeling the effects of the chemo--weak and nauseous. Her mother decides that a little medicinal marijuana will do the trick. Lynette refuses, but Stella scores some weed from Bree's son Andrew and bakes it into some brownies for Lynette. Meanwhile, Edie pressures Carlos to announce their engagement, which Carlos refuses to do. So Edie slips a huge rock onto her ring finger and goes off to Susan's party.

The charades party is shaping up to be a disaster from the get-go. You've got Susan late from her horror of an ob/gyn appointment and mad as a hornet with Bree, Bree and Gabby plotting to get Katherine drunk enough to spill the beans, Katherine's hair-trigger jealousy of hubby which has been increased by Edie cluing her in to Gabby's past with her teenage lover, Edie flashing her "engagement ring" in Gabby's face, Gabby telling Carlos "it's over" and working to make him jealous and a sky-high Lynette--who is given the clue for the movie Hang 'Em High and pantomimes Edie's suicide attempt. Talk about awkward moments!

Stella crashes the party to warn Tom that Lynette has unwittingly brought 420-laced brownies for the guests. As Tom corrals a wasted Lynette and retrieves the brownies, he bumps into Gabby causing her to spill her drink on Katherine's husband, which she then starts mopping up. Katherine's jealousy comes to a head and she icily tells Gabby to back off. She throws Gabby's old affair in her face--which was news to Victor. Gabby then taunts her with the fact that she slapped her own daughter and asks what is she hiding? Katherine, backed into a corner, says her first husband was a horrible father and did the worst thing a father could do. Everyone's dumbstruck and she leaves the party.

When she gets home, she finds Dylan and Julie have broken into the storage room and are going through Dylan's old stuff in an attempt to jog her memory. After Julie leaves, Katherine tells Dylan she doesn't want her to see Julie anymore. Her husband calls her on her remark at the party. It seems that Katherine's admission that Dylan's father did the worse thing a father can do might be a lie. There's definitely some repression going on--and maybe a murder as Katherine broke down in tears when she revealed a gash in the hardwood floors of Dylan's old bedroom. But maybe the inference of molestation is just a smokescreen?

Bree and Orson leave the party early because of a phone call about complications to Danielle's pregnancy--but thankfully everything turns out to be OK. Susan still demands an explanation for Bree sending her to the sleazy doctor and it almost seems like Bree is going to break down and admit to the deception. But she doesn't--instead she confides that she's been having complications and thought she was going to lose the baby.

When Gabby finds that Victor is more concerned with "spinning" her affair with the gardener than angry that it happened, she returns to Carlos and tells him that she not only loves him, she loves the way he loves her. She wants Carlos' jealousy and passion over Victor's cold calculations. Carlos checks in with the guy he gave the wad of money to last episode to handle Edie. Turns out the guy is not a hitman, but a CPA. So Carlos isn't capable of having Edie knocked off. Victor, on the other hand, might not be as cavalier about Gabby's infidelities as he seems. He tells Carlos that if it was him that Gabby had cheated on, he'd make the guy disappear. Looks like Carlos might have more to deal with than keeping his ex-wife and current mistress happy while extricating himself from the manipulative Edie.

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