Saturday, October 27, 2007

This is My Life

Yesterday was my quarterly visit with the endocrinologist. First off, it's a pain-in-the-ass to drive to her new office as it's twice as far as the old one and then when I get there I have to deal with the bitch behind the front desk. Last visit there was a bit of a kerfluffle about whether or not I could pay my co-pay via credit card. My doctor, who I love, told me it wasn't a problem and that the reception-bitch would call it in (actually my doctor didn't refer to her as "reception-bitch," that's just me). So when she asks for my co-pay, I hand her my Visa and she tells me they don't accept credit cards. "Um, the doctor told me you would call it in." "That's not our policy." "I talked to her last visit, she said it was OK." "You can discuss it with her in the room." "It's already BEEN discussed, she said it was OK."

Later, as I'm waiting for the doctor, reception-bitch comes into "the room" and asks for my credit card and ID so she can call in the charge. HA!!! It was a decent visit otherwise--weight was down (yay!) and so was my hbA1c (5.5, baby!), so my doctor was happy. She gave me samples of Lantus' new SoloStar injection pen which is very cool.

Well, it's cool if you have to inject yourself with insulin 3-4 times a day. For the rest of you it ranges from "Ew!" to "Whatever..." Unlike the old Opticlik pen which was refillable but (according to many reports) unreliable in dosing, the SoloStar is prefilled like the Novolog FlexPen. And Aida Turturro is its celebrity spokeperson--whoohoo! (Actually, I never did get into The Sopranos so I really couldn't care less...)

While I waiting waiting for her to write out my prescriptions, I noticed kits promoting a new lancing device. The actual device was taped to a brochure inside of a bag which--with its cobweb imprinting--doubled as a Halloween favor. Complete with half dozen pieces of candy inside. Yup, you heard me right--candy for diabetes patients. I hope it was sugarless...

Today my friend Dave came over so we could (FINALLY!) watch the last three episodes of Entourage. Entourage and Veggie Pesto Pizza from Tony Maroni's--does it get any better than this? I was sorry to see that Anna Faris' storyline ended so abruptly. I think E taking on new clients to manage is a good character arc. Also, as much as I enjoyed watching the character of Billy Walsh, I hope I never ever have to work with a director that's anything like him. Although I still want an agent just like Ari Gold...

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