Monday, October 8, 2007

Desperate Housewives Update

Not much new for the ladies of Wisteria Lane this week. Gabby and Carlos continue their affair--Carlos trying to keep the whole thing under wraps from Edie. Edie clings to Carlos with combination of guilt and extortion--which may lead to her downfall as it appears that Carlos has had enough and won't let her interfere with her plans to reunite with Gabby. So was that a hitman he gave a wad of money to at the end of the episode?

Lynette continues with chemo. Susan is torn between new husband Mike and daughter Julie. Ho-hum. The Dana Delaney plotline looks to be panning out to be a repressed molestation which may have led to a murder. The most interesting story is looking like the rivalry between the Dana Delaney character and Bree. The battle of the bitchy and uptight redheads is brewing. In my opinion, this is what DH is all about. Not the comradery and solidarity of women--but the bitchiness and backstabbing, gossip and innuendo. Dana D. and Bree look to be heading for an Alexis and Krystle Carrington sized catfight before the end of the season.

I can hardly wait...

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