Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Boxer Floyd Mayweather was knocked out of the dancing competition on last night's results show of Dancing with the Stars. That really wasn't too surprising. What was a shock is that billionaire Mark Cuban, with the lowest judges score, escaped the bottom two yet again! Cuban, who felt the sting of the red light of death in his first week on the show, must have mobilized whatever fan base he has as owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Still, it's hard to believe he was safe while the far more competent Mel B. and her partner Maksim had to suffer through possible elimination.

Actually, Mel B. was my pick for the next to go after the elimination of Cuban and Mayweather. While she is a terrific dancer, being a British former pop star doesn't give her the requisite fan base to continue much further in the competition. In fact, I highly suspect what fan base she has is more likely voting for her hottie professional partner, Maks. So the question is, how much longer will the Cuban charisma hold out against better dancing? He may be this season's Jerry Rice in staying power.

And I finally figured out why, despite the great dancing performances, this season seems so lackluster to me. Last go-round, Jimmy Kimmel did a mocking "Dancing along with the Stars" featuring his "parking lot attendant" Guillermo. Guillermo, looking like a fire plug, would be decked out in a glittery gown as Jimmy's dance partner. This season Jimmy and Guillermo are doing a "Behind the Scenes at Dancing with the Stars" segment--but it just isn't the same without Guillermo in drag...

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