Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buh-bye Billionaire Boy!

After escaping even being in the bottom two for the last couple of weeks, Mark Cuban's Midas touch was no longer working and he and partner Kim have departed the dance floor. So now that the worst dancer is gone, it means a fairly level playing field where anything goes for the next couple of months. Shocker of the night--fan favorite Jane Seymour doused in red light along with Mark Cuban. I didn't see that coming!

With the exit of Mr. Cuban, I'm predicting both of the British babes may be treading shaky ground in the next couple weeks. Mel B's stay in the bottom two last week and Jane's brush with it tonight means that they don't have the necessary fan base in America--despite doing well with the judges. As expected Marie Osmond, who had to suffer through repeated airings of last night's blackout, garnered enough fan support to remain in the competition. I know it's a reality show and that reality shows thrive on "drama," but seriously ABC, did you really need to keep showing the instant replay? I think poor Marie has been humiliated enough.


  1. I saw Marie's fainting spell on Perez Hilton...sigh...please don't judge. That would be mortifying. Thanks for the updates.

  2. It was horrifying and mortifying. And most likely will be repeated next week as in, "Last week on Dancing with the Stars!" Poor Marie. On the bright side, she's probably got even more people pulling for her now...